Never Take the Top Towel

Hey, it's not as if I'm the only one.

But you put the towel here for me. At least I'm on the towel and not the pretty fabric.


Don't look at me, I can't get up there. YET.

But its so comfortable up here!!

Like a comfy hammock.

Let them fight over the towels, I've got the best seat in the house.


SusieH said…
oooooooh, they are so scrummy :) I had totally forgotten about how comfy a cat can get in a stroller. Ours used to do that in David's eons ago, in NY. Sighh...
Anonymous said…
LOL --- You get the best shots of the cats.
Jacki said…
Ohmigoodness, I love your kitties! How many do you have? I want to reach out and pet my computer screen!
Carol said…
That's Dogs 1, Cats 0! But then again, not! ha! I sure would like to be curled up on a soft towel right about now!
Hannah said…
aww their so adorable!
aksunflour said…
The stroller shot reminds me of our house- Athena (cat) sleeps in crib, Bumpkins does not.

And the cats will sleep up on the towels only until there is an avalanche when the towels all fall down. (ROFL at that mental image).

Great photos- love kitty thursday
Anonymous said…
Oh dear Lady,
Let me hug you, and thank you with all my heart for this wonderful post. I laughed and then cried, so happy to see something so endearing, and right now I need something to make me laugh. Give every one of those kitties a hug from me, will ya? Take care and thanks so much for sharing. :)
stitcherw said…
The kitty pictures were great, and the comment about the top towel was dead on. Especially at my house with so many fur babies running around, the top anything tends to be rather fuzzy, LOL.

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