Playin' Tag on a Tuesday

Susie tagged me to list 7 Random Things abt me. Since I was tagged not that long ago, I decided to give my 7 things a theme. So join me for my 7 Random Travel Things abt me.

1. The only time I ever left the Continental US was when I was 11. We went to Puerto Rico.

2. I have no passport.

3. The first time I flew on an airplane I was 9.

4. The last time I flew on an airplane was July 2001.

5. The first time I left the state of Florida by car was when I was 12 and we drove to GA and NC. (Florida is a LONG state when you live at the other end of it!)

6. I had never been west of Tennessee until I was 29.

7. I am not what you would call a world traveler.

So there you have it. If you like my little twist to the game, consider yourself tagged and make yours a "themed" random list.
(nothing like an oxymoron to get you going!)

On a totally unrelated (random?) note, a dear friend of mine has decided to start a business with her jewelry making skills. I've seen the items in person and its good quality stuff. Check out her website and see if there is anything that catches your eye, or might make the perfect holiday present.
She is a very sweet woman and I would love to see her succeed at this. I'm also going to add a link on my sidebar.

And one more thing, I got an email with this picture attached that I thought was hysterical! Some of you may have seen it already, but I just had to post it.

Boy I should have labeled this post Random Tuesday, I've been all over the map today! (if I can't do it literally, at least I can do it figuratively!)


I LOVE that sign!

Yay for your friend, I hope she does well. I am such a believer in supporting these kind of endeavors!
stitcherw said…
I love the Unattended Children sign, it's perfect.

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