Random Kitty Thursday

It's nice to have a friend to cuddle with when you're not feeling well.

What'ja bring me??

Feeding time at the zoo!

Glad you're getting my good side.

Will I *ever* be as big as him?!?

Is that a can of tuna you're opening?

And this is just something green and floral to look at when the majority of the areas are grey and brown. I took it at the beginning of Nov, but now this plant is nothing but twigs.

I've been doing some organizing in my bedroom (the catch-all room) and I'm making good progress. I *started* looking thru my closet and good news! I found the pink sweater!!! How it ended up in the bag it did, I have no idea. And I also found some more yarn for another pair of socks to add to the gift box. Updated knitting and stitching pictures should be coming soon.


SusieH said…
Yay for you, finding the sweater. Is that a sickie with a nebulizer I see in the top pic, though? So sorry...
The cat pics are great! I'm sorry your little one is sick.
stitcherw said…
Glad you found the sweater, and I loved the kitty pictures.
Carol said…
That's a whole lotta kittehs! Sorry to hear your little one isn't feeling. There's just enough time to feel better by Christmas!
I love the kitty pics!

Yes, kitty therapy is wonderful when sick. I hope your little one is well soon!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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