Saturday sky

With the work week schedules all messed up, I almost forgot today was Saturday! I love the structure of school and work, but there is something to be said for staying up late and sleeping in!!!

Let's see the latest in sky and temps, shall we?

We are going to have another one of those wknds where it is nice and warm today, but come Sunday night we are going to have another cold front come thru and Monday night is a possible freeze watch. At least we won't have to get out of bed! And maybe I'll be able to finish off this gift box for my SIL.

I'm working on that last darn sock and it's taking me FOREVER! It's the smallest sock I've ever done, 24sts on size 3 needles. I think the cuff is abt 2.5 inches and the foot is the same before the toe decreases. The foot finishes to 3.5 inches so these are definite newborn socks (I also measured #1 Son's footprints from when he was just born for good measure). I have 8 stitches to kitchener and then I need to cast on for the other one. These should be done already!! But I think I"m finally getting a bit burned out on socks. Once these are done, I can pack up the rest of the stuff and mail it out. Most likely on Wed since it will be cold for us Floridians on Monday (highs of only 58 is frigid for us!!) (and don't think I don't hear the mocking comments or the eye rolling going on right now!!! I'm just choosing to ignore it)

Let me show you the socks I DID finish.

I think these came out really cute. They were definitely my favorites until I finished up the 2nd toe. I didn't get them to match. Again. I even specifically counted and measured to be sure they would match up. See?

Even when I started the 2nd toe decrease I made a note of how many rows of the brown there were before I started. As I was getting closer I saw that the pink bit was a bit further along and that even when I kitchenered the sock closed, I wouldn't be using any of the pink. If I did one or two more rows, I'd get the pink but then they'd be off in size. Right now they are perfect. Here's another close up view.

From all the pictures I've taken you can tell that I'm not happy again and have resigned myself to either knit with yarn that gives a mottled look or striping that is close enough that you wont notice it being off. I think its the manufacturers way of playing with the mind of a knitter.

Anyway, after all is said and done, I'm still happy with the socks. There isn't that much pink on the tip so it's not immediately noticeable. And I really like the way the rest of it looks. Here are the stats.

Delaney Socks #2
size: abt 1 year
c/o 40sts on size 2dpns
3x1 rib for 3"; foot length before toe decreases 3"
Knit Picks Simple Stripes in colorway #23547
Gauge = 8"/inch

I've been doing a lot of looking at sizes for infant socks and it's been tricky but from what I can tell, 2.5" from heel to toe decreases fits a newborn (resulting in a sock that measures 3.25" which would have fit #1 Son. His feet were exactly 3" long when born). 2.75" fits a 6 month old, 3" fits a year and 3.25" fits an 18month old. At that point it seems to go into shoe sizes. And it also matters how many stitches you cast on. The more stitches cast on the more room you get in the toes when you decrease down to 12sts. I'm going to ask my SIL if this actually holds true for her.

The last pair should be posted soon.


aksunflour said…
I was just looking out my window and remembered Saturday sky- and immediately went to your site! Nice blue sky.
I hope that you don't get to cold. (I really like my oranges not frozen!) And cold is different everywhere. Our cold is a dry cold (so it isn't that bad). But when you get cold it is a damp and that goes to your bones. Now that is cold!

Socks are to mathematical. But the socks look great (even if they are off).
knitseashore said…
I am so envious of your 80 degree days and sun this time of year. I live in New England...we'll be having a fire in the fireplace tonight!

I wish I could comment on your socks but I've only knit one pair. Yours look very good to me! Happy New Year!
stitcherw said…
Hmmm, you're showing a temp. of 80, commenting that 58 is so cold, and I'm posting pictures of Jaz rolling in the snow making doggy snow angels, talk about contrasts.

Congrats on finishing another sock. I like the coloring, and with such a tiny bit of pink on the toe no one will notice. However, I can see how frustrating it would be to have planned them so exactly to match and then not have the yarn change color consistently. Looking forward to seeing the tiny ones you're currently knitting.

So, if you're getting burnt out on knitting socks, what's next in your project lineup?
Carol said…
I wish my socks matched nearly as close! They're great! We're bracing for the chilly weather too;)brrr

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