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It's official.

I'm getting old.

I know I'm aging because when I look in the mirror I look like my great grandmother w/o the babushka. So I avoid the mirror. In *my* mind, I'm still in my 20s with the body that went with it. Yes my knee will hurt when the weather is just so, or my hips won't always work (they don't hurt, they just don't always work). I know I would feel better if I just lost some weight, but when I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up watching 16 Candles and stitching, it could be 1987 all over again.

Speaking of 1987, I was watching Music and Lyrics last night. First of all the movie got the 1980s song Pop PERFECT! Between the video and the music, it could have been a song from the 80s. However there was a scene where he is singing at a
Class Reunion from 1987 and I'm looking at all the women there screaming at him and I'm thinking, "Wow, these women are middle aged!"

I graduated HS in 1984. What does that make me?!?

Normally this is no big deal, but I had to do something today that makes me feel OLD.

I bought reading glasses.

I know, not really a big deal. I should be more worried abt the fat woman from the old country looking back at me from the mirror, but the reading glasses are pushing me over the edge. I guess because there is nothing I can do abt it. I can lose weight to get rid of the pudge and the aches in my hips and legs, I can dye my hair to get rid of grey. Even when #1 Son asks me what a joy stick is when discussing old video games, I can shrug it off (even though that one was hard!). But needing reading glasses to see my linen as I cross stitch is NOT making me a happy camper.

Thankfully I can still read w/o a problem, because I'm not enjoying the books on tape like I thought. I started Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich and while the book was read to me I cleaned off the dining table, cleaned up the family room and folded two loads of laundry. I was still on disc one and only on chapter 3! The same amt of time it took to listen to chapter 3, I could have read twice as much!! I'll save the books on tape for when I REALLY can't read anymore!

Tomorrow we are supposed to have a cold front come thru and it's supposed to drop our temps by 15 degrees, at least. Today we are having unusually warm temps so we are enjoying it while we can.


Jane said…
Now that you are wearing reading glasses, just be aware that you will soon need more than one pair. Because of course, you are going to start forgetting where you put them. LOL! As for books on tape, I LOVE my Audible books. I listen to them in my car, and sometimes when I'm knitting or spinning. I read fast, so I'm not going through them as quickly as I would a paper version, but I also get a lot more reading done this way.
aksunflour said…
A babushka might be a little bit warm. Don't you just love the legacy that your ancestors have given you? I am not sure yet which of my greats I resemble. Probably the one who was still having babies in the kitchen at the age of 44.

THANK YOU for the warm sunny Saturday sky. Ours was kind of gloomy (days getting shorter) and the temp was maybe in the high teens.

I use the books on tape for my long commute.
SusieH said…
Ahhh yes, reading glasses. I think I am going with bifocals this time. I had varifocals (REAL old lady specs) last year but the problem is that the distance vision area needed to be much bigger. I tended to look thru the middle vision one when driving. NOt so good :)
Dee said…
Don't feel bad ----- I started wearing bifocals in my 20s!!!!

Can't wait to see your new specs.

They don't make you old. They make you WISE! (says the lady wearing bifocals!)
Age is a state of mind, ha ha... My body is 31, but my mind is 175!
Knitman said…
I turned 49 today(16/12 or for you challenged ones, 12/16)and I still feel very young, but now like a grown up. Hair grows where it never used to. Don't know if it is the same for women who I know develop moustaches, but my ears, nostrils and eyebrows all grow wild if I let them!
Still, I'd am so glad to be here and not back there, thank you very much.
stitcherw said…
Hmm, looking at them playing in the water as I'm looking out my window at the snow which is probably about a foot deep in my back yard, quite a contrast. I think I like your view better, LOL.

Yup, reading glasses were a pain for me too when I had to get some. Now I wear my contacts all the time, but where as that was enough before, for the last couple of years I've needed magnifying glasses if I went over 18ct., not fun. You are right though on it hitting harder when it is something that it is out of your control to change.

Your mittens look great all finished up, some child is going to be very happy to have them to keep their hands warm, and have them look pretty too. Too pooped is looking wonderful also, you made some great progress on him.
When the girl I used to babysit got married? I felt kind of old.

I feel your pain.
Sandie Knapp said…
Oh p'shaw woman, you are NOT old. Your eyes are having problems because you have used them over-much with all your stitching and knitting and what-not. Nothing wrong with "reading glasses." Your heart and mind are young, so don't give a thought to your aging eyes.

Here we are in the midst of a nasty 1-2-3 punch storm and you are enjoying shorts in the back yard with the hose sprinkler on??? My goodness, talk about contrasts! haha

Have a great day. :)
Diane said…
That movie was so funny. Probably one on the only ones that my 19 yr old and I both liked.

I graduated in 76 so we shall not speak of being old.

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