Tackling the Mountain of Words

I decided that I needed to break into my bag-O-books from the library and pulled up my juvenile books first. Can I tell you how much I love kids books?? They are enchanting and I LOVE the pictures.

The first one I pulled up was With Love From Grandma

This was a sweet story abt a grandma who tells her granddaughter abt the afghan HER grandmother made for her.

Then I read Shall I Knit You a Hat?

Another adorable book abt a rabbit who knits hats for her child's friends. I really liked the illustrations in this one. It was a holiday book, but I wish it was more of a seasonal book. Gifts shouldn't be reserved for just the holidays.

But I digress. Both of these books can be found at Amazon.com along with a few other books I didnt know were out there. Go check them out.

Then I pulled out Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac. This is the reason I really like libraries. I almost bought this book but it was really pricey on eBay so I held off. The library had it instead and while I enjoyed the book, its not one I would want to keep. There aren't any patterns in it that I want to make, and it's true, she IS opinionated! LOL I have one more book by her in the pile that I will peruse, but I have a feeling they both will be back to the library by Monday.

Meanwhile I havent done much of anything the past couple of days. I wasn't feeling great, even though I can't pinpoint exactly what's wrong with me. Just really tired. Guess I'll just have to sit and relax with a good book this wknd, huh?

Sounds like a plan to me.


Dee said…
Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm sure snuggling up with Hemi would make you feel better.

He looks like he power naps pretty well.
aksunflour said…
Wow! your cat is a snuggler- wish Athena was.

You do have a few books to go bond w/this weekend. Wish my weekend was promising to be as low-key as yours. (somehow I don't think so).

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