Tuesday Morning Update

According to the calendar, its December 11th. However according to the weather, its anything BUT December. Our high for today will be in the 80s. In central Florida. Oh and did you hear abt Olga? Apparently she's a subtropical storm by Dominican Republic.

December indeed.

Meanwhile I'm finishing up mittens to send to a child where it's NOT going to reach a high of 80.

I finished them up last night and will pop them in the mail today. They should fit a 4-6 y/o child. As proof, here is Baby Girl modeling them.

In a tank top. (that mark on her forehead is a polar bear temporary tatoo)

Now that these are done, I think I'll pull out the sweater for nephew #4 and finish up the socks for niece #2.

I've been working on Too Pooped and realized that I needed to put it away for a bit when my eyes started to cross as I was working on it last night.

Here is my before shot

and after.

I did the little pot above the kitty and also some of the branch he's sleeping on.

Now if it would just cool off enough to make working on wool a bit easier.


It may not be winter there, but it sure is here! Rain/drizzle, hail, and snow in our forecast tonight.

Great kitty!
Anonymous said…
I know .... don'tcha hate when the yarn sticks to your sweaty fingers???
Vivian said…
Goodness, 80s! We are barely seeing the 60s in sunny California. What cute Baby Girl in tank top and woolie mittens :-) my son likes to try on my various charity knitting too, and he always likes to know where exactly they are going.
Carol said…
Yeah, happy 4th of July, no? Your model is adorable and you did great getting those in! I've dedicated knitting to that for next year or if it's continued. i can't do knit deadlines. :( I love the look of the emerging art on the canvas! Really nice:)
aksunflour said…
We have less than a 1/4 inch of snow here. But have icy slick roads. Our winter temps are ranging in the 30's- usual temps are in the teens.

Love the winter look! Good job on the mitts.
Deborah said…
Why are Floridians always talking about the the balmy weather?? You all seem to be particularly preoccupied that the sun is out. Just try living in Jersey. Today, we got a science lesson in ice. Did you know that there are many kinds of ice - sleet, hail, slush, frozen rain, snow - just to name a few. The temperature here has gone up and down so many times in the past week that I'm trying to figure out how I can dose Mother Nature with Prozac just so she can make up her gd mind! Oh, and did I mention that the kids had an emergency school closing at noon today?? Try driving while you are having margaritas thrown at your windshield (shaken AND stirred), it's not pretty and it sure ain't fun.

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