What's wrong with this picture?

My mitten has no thumb!! And according to my instructions, I'm DONE! I've looked it over a couple of times, showed the IO, even went to the website of who offered the pattern, but there is nothing anywhere to finish this thing off.

This pattern is from the Oct 5, 2006 Pattern A Day calendar. I've done a couple of projects from there and they've been fine. This one, not so much. Thankfully I have the Knit for Peace book and there is a basic mitten pattern in there that I can use to finish off the thumb. I will work the other mitten and send it off to Soaring Eagles, but it will be the last pair I make. I don't enjoy making mittens for some reason. And it's not because of that thumb (even though I have yet to finish it!). I need to enjoy what I knit and then pass it on to somebody who can use and enjoy it. If the enjoyment is lost on either end, I won't do it. I think that's why I knit for charity so much; I enjoy the mindless knit and I know it will go to somebody who can use it. Friends and family aren't always so appreciative ~unless~ its for a baby. Baby things are always cute and as long as its comfy for the kid and easy to take care of for the parent, its usually a winner.

After this debacle, I decided that I was going to work on some cross stitch. I had spent the earlier part of the day trying to match up patterns with floss and fabric. I don't have the fabric I want to use for the two January Flip Its I have so I decided to work on the Snowman one. He's new as well, and I have the fabric for it and most of the floss. So I pull him out to work on. Either my eyes are REALLY bad or working on deep blue linen at 10pm isnt such a great idea, because I could NOT see the holes!! After 3 stitches I put it away and realize that this will have to be a *day* project. I'll have to set aside some time during the day to work on it or else I'll never get it done. It's definitely not a project I can work on at night.

So what did I do? I pulled out Too Pooped. It's been almost 4 months since it's seen the light of day and that is one project I would like to see complete.

Why stitch a sleeping cat when you've got the real thing to look at?!?


Dee said…
Oh my golly look at those soft little paw pads!!! They look like velvet.

Someday when we have time I'll show you the trick to mittens. They're just like socks (well sort of)

What is it you didn't like about making mittens?
aksunflour said…
Just a word of caution in regards to your cross stitch projects. When putting the project away- put floss, instructions, and project in a large ziploc bag. Other wise you will end up like me a project 1/3 way done and instructions but no project photo and the worst one is no floss. Not sure where it disappeared to either.

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