Year End Recap

With 2008 only 4 days away, it's time to go thru what projects I completed for the year. I have to say, I was a busy girl!!!! It was the year of the knit again; I completed a whopping 44 projects!! A lot of them were baby socks, couple of scarves, cat toys, etc., which makes that number so high. I don't knit to crank out projects, I knit for the therapy of it, so I guess that number is a statement of how much therapy I needed this past year!

Here is a quick rundown:

Non Charity Items
1 baby sweater
1 kid dress
4 pairs adult socks
2 pairs kid socks
1 lacy stole
3 scarves
1 kid tank top
1 cup holder
2 dish cloths
4 cat toys

Charity Items
3 cat blankets
2 kid sweaters
10 kid socks
4 baby hats
1 pair mittens
2 scarves
2 blocks for Warm Up America

See, the majority of my projects have been quick and easy, mindless knitting for my downtime at night.

I only got two projects done in Cross Stitch, two small ones at that AND they have yet to be been finished off. The stitching is done, but the finishing work (sewing border or putting in frame) is not. I'd like to get them done just to get them out of the pile.

I've read 10 books this year, a little more than a book a month, which is better than I would have thought. Speaking of books, I'm revisiting books on tape. I had returned what I thought was all the BOT that I had, but apparently there was one hiding. It wasn't one I had read before so I popped it in while I was folding laundry. And guess what? I'm enjoying it!! I think the key is to listen to a book I haven't read yet. I'm on disc 3 of a 9 disc book and the murder still hasnt happened yet, but for some reason that's ok. It's Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke and it's better than I expected it to be. I'm also reading Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton, which is also entertaining; but I have to say, I'm getting some of the storylines mixed up since I'll be listening to one and then later reading the other. Maybe THAT'S why it's so interesting!!

I didn't even touch my quilting this year other than to move fabric around, but that should change for 2008. I have the one for Baby Girl's teacher in the planning stages and I also pulled out the Block of the Month by JoAnn's to work on. I really want to make all of us new quilts this year, but I might be quilting in my mind again. I can get SO much done in my mind, but reality takes a bit longer!

All of these projects have been put in my Webshots site, just click on the link in the side bar if you want to see any again. I did finish another pair of socks for Delaney last night, and cast on for one last pair, but I'll post the details on both of them on another day.

Moving into the new year I have more than a few on going projects.


#1 Son's Vest (started a year ago)
It's all knit up, I just need to block it before I sew it up and add the button bands.

#1 Son's Socks (also started a year ago)
I started these socks once before but they were too small. This time I made them to fit ME in the ankles and width, but I'm waiting to get close enough to the toes before I finish them off. That is why both socks are in progress.

Sweater for me

Another kitty blankie

Sweater for my nephew

Not really that bad, other than #1 Son's vest and socks, my turn around in project time is pretty good. And remember this cotton sweater? It is no longer in existence. I really like the pattern and I really like the yarn, but together? I'm just not feeling the love.

Cross Stitch

Bag Ladies


Queen Ann's Lace

Seasonal Fall

Seasonal Spring

Too Pooped

And my snowman that requires my new reading glasses

My goals for next year are to get at least 1/2 of these projects finished. I also have lots of yarn and fabric that when I go thru it, I get a bit overwhelmed with what I have. So I guess my goal would be to use more than I buy during the next year. That seems more realistic than cutting out new yarn and fabric purchases. This is why I don't make resolutions, they are made to be broken. A goal is better because you can come close to reaching your goal, whereas a resolution feels more absolute and feels broken the second you falter.

And last but not least, I want to say thanks to each and every one of you. I would write this blog even if nobody read it, but I truly enjoy the comments and feedback from all of you. And I also appreciate the lurkers. I know you are out there, I can tell by my hit counter! Thank you for staying with me thru all the madness of life. Here's to a great 2008!!!!


aksunflour said…
Wow! you have been one busy girl.
There has been a lot of progress on those cross stitches. (As for the snow man- not seeing a snow man there).

I also have a goal to use up a bunch of yarn and FABRIC!

Good luck this next year on "shopping" from your stashes.
stitcherw said…
Oh my you have been a busy lady this past year, what a lot of projects. I don't generally make resolutions either, for pretty much the same reason.
I enjoyed seeing the recap of your various WIP's as well, they're all lovely.

Glad you're enjoying the books on tape. I tend to like the ones I haven't read already best too. I think it is because I don't already have an idea in my head of what the characters should sound like. I'm also not thinking ahead to what will happen next all the time.
Anonymous said…
Maybe if we have a regular stitching day some of those projects will become FO's this year!

Looking forward to 2008 and lots of stitching! Happy New Year!
Beth said…
"So I guess my goal would be to use more than I buy during the next year."

I totally agree with you there. If I said, "I won't buy any more yarn/patterns/books until I use what I have," I'd be done before Jan. 3! At least we recognize that we have a stash problem. That's the first step of recovery :-)

Have a wonderful New Year full of tons of FO's!!

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