B is for


Baby Girl loves her ballet class. Would go every day if she could.


How many of you can say you have a boat dry docked in your backyard?!? The IO bought it 7 years ago so that he could take us sailing. I didn't realize he was coming home with a dingy and refused to let #1 Son or myself on it. It has lived in our backyard ever since doing odd jobs to earn its keep. It's been a pool, a planter and a birdfeeder. Now it's buried in the corner of the backyard waiting to become a water feature.

Banana Muffins

Had to add these since we make them so often. They are one of the easiest things to make. I had been looking for a good banana bread recipe and they all just seemed too dense for me. Found the recipe on NickJr and we've used it ever since.


During one of the IO's maladies, the Drs scanned his brain to make sure he didn't spring a leak. He didn't and now he proudly shows off this picture that yes indeed he DOES have a brain!

There you have it. My Bs for the ABC A Long. Letter 2 and I'm still excited abt it!

MMMMMMMMM Muffins.....


Anonymous said…
Awwww, could Baby Girl be any cuter? The tiari MAKES the outfit!
SusieH said…
Oh So Very CUTE!! Love the ballerina, with her pointy pointy toe...
Carol said…
What a beautiful ballerina! Pink is definitely her color! A terrific B post Lynn, specially the muffins and the boat ~snort~ A chance to show your hubby's brains to everyone? Priceless. I hope you're getting my emails, AOL is not sending them all today.
stitcherw said…
What a cutie, she makes an adorable ballerina. The muffins look wonderful as well. Now that you've made me hungry I'm off to get a snack. :)
aksunflour said…
I know what you mean about Banana Bread (finally found a sourdough molasses one that is really good).

The boat cracked me up! The Ballerina is absolutely adorable!

Love your posts!
Diane said…
uuummmm muffins.

My girls loved dance classes when they were younger too.

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