Ever since I seamed up those 2 recieving blankets for my SIL, I've been itching to sew. Now you gotta know something abt me. I'm not very good, and it takes me forever. I can do BASIC things. Like receiving blankets. Or quilts with squares or rectangles. I've even made some sleep pants and an A-line dress for Baby Girl, but that's it. I can't gather fabric. Don't make me sew triangles. I'm not too sure abt sleeves. When I worked at JoAnn's for a bit, I got inundated with LOTS of sewing ideas for the kids and the house. Plus you see all the fabric on sale. You get first dibs on those remnants. AND you get a 15% discount (more around the holidays). Needless to say, this is when my fabric stash hit an all time high.

I've been weeding thru it and put aside some fabric that I have specific ideas abt. I know I posted a pic of it awhile back, but I can't find it. Anyway yesterday was going to be my sewing day. I pulled out my BOM quilt and I was planning on sewing up some sleep pants for the kids.

I decided to really clean my sewing machine, get rid of all the fuzzies, change the needle and oil it.

It took me longer than I expected, but CHECK.

Then I pulled out the BLock of the Month quilt block for January. Triangles. Uh oh.

After two hours of sewing, ripping, sewing some more and then ripping some more, I got this.

Not great, but I can deal with it. I'm not too sure how I'm going to enjoy this quilt, but I'm going to make it work. See, all the pieces are cut out for you, all you have to do is sew them together. With an EXACT 1/4" seam allowance. Well my sewing machine is off by a centimeter or two. Not much, but when you are dealing with a bunch of pieces, it can matter. When I cut fabric myself, I usually cut a couple of centimeters extra which makes up for the sewing machine. My finished block measures 12". It's supposed to be 12.5". Again, not much, but when I sew the finished quilt together, it will have an effect on it.

The next block has even MORE pieces and MORE triangles. Let's see how small I can get THAT one to be.....

After all that, I was going to put the fabric away, but I decided to at least organize my piles; sleep pants in this pile, night shirts in that one. Dresses over here. As I started looking at my pattern I'm realizing that a lot of them Baby Girl has outgrown. And a lot of the fabric *might* not be enough to make the pants long enough.

This is why I don't sew that often, it's more of a frustration for me than an enjoyment. But I'm also stubborn and I WILL continue.

At another time.

After dinner I picked up the needles and worked on Sam's sweater. I only have 2" left of the sleeves and then it's done. I need to plan a day of finishing. I still have #1 Son's vest to finish and now this sweater. It won't take long, I just need to do it.

I have no pictures of the knitting, but here is a picture of the fabric used for the receiving blankets.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but here is the fabric. I didn't realize there were bunnies in both blankets, so I ended up with a theme. The cream colored fabric is SO soft. So is the pink one. I had other fabrics pulled out, but Baby Girl decided that I needed to do something for her with them instead.

Let's hope there's enough fabric, or we're going to end up with patchwork pants....


SusieH said…
Well done on the quilt block - it may be a tad smaller than planned, but I think it looks terrific! Here's hoping they're all equally smallified, so sewing up will be easy :)
Anonymous said…
The colors in your quilt block are very pretty.
Carol said…
I sew like you, just gimme a square or minor alterations and I'm fine. Good luck & hope the fun stays!
Deborah said…
I still can't sew :(
aksunflour said…
good job on the sewing!

I really dislike trying to keep my seams nice and straight!
Aw, Lynn! I'm so jealous of your crafting time! I can't imagine the awesome fabric stash you have.
CritterLady62 said…
Your quilt block looks good. I have the same issue with them coming out smaller than designed. I hope your BOMs line up well when it is time to put them together!
stitcherw said…
Other than simple straight lines I don't sew either. Your triangles look great to me, and hopefully the slight size difference doesn't cause a problem for you.

The fabric for the blankets is really cute, and it does looks very soft. I'm surprised you didn't have a second picture with a kitty trying to take a nap on them thought, LOL.
knitseashore said…
I admire your persistence in the sewing. I've never managed to learn, and am considering making a square for a charity quilt. Without a pattern. :)
Jane said…
The quilt block looks good. And I agree, if they are all off by the same amount, it will all come together fine.

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