Let Sleeping Tigers Lie

Wanna rub my belly for luck??

You didn't need to clean the sink just for me!

Don't worry, I'll keep watch from up here.

Thanks for the snuggly blanket!

Please, no more photos. I must rest.....


Jane said…
Too funny! He's very patient with you and your camera, too. Mittens gives me the stink eye every time he sees the camera.
Dee said…
Very cute!
aksunflour said…
Love the cuddly kittie shots.

Did you get your package yet?
Carol said…
Awwwww! This is one happy kitteh! And oh sooo cute!
Nan said…
I'm a sucker for great cat pictures!! It's so funny you should comment on my blog today, since I have been trying to make it down my list of blogs I read and leave a comment or two! I haven't been as up with it as I like to be, I know how you feel when you said you were behind because of being sick. I am finishing up week 3 with the "crud" as I am calling it, last Friday I wanted to make a doctor's appointment and the 2 Dr's offices here in my little bitty town [I'm shocked there is "2" of them since it is so little bitty] were BOTH closed!! Of all the nerve, don't these doctors know it's sick season? One was on vacation and the other was "out of the office"

Anyway, love the pictures, now I am kicking myself for not joining that ABC along, and now that I want to, it's closed!!!

I'm with you also on that Raverly thingy, I keep going back to see if maybe it's just that I don't understand how to use it, but it still just don't "get" it!, OK, long comment, I will shut up now!
SusieH said…
I love those arched window openings - have to say it again! Kitty in Sink - so comfy looking :)
Life's a Stitch said…
Cute. My friend's cat loves to sleep in a shoebox on top of the fridge. Must try that sometime :)
stitcherw said…
As usual, wonderful pictures. I love Kitty Thursdays. :)

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