Living in a Fog

I hate being sick. I guess that's an obvious point, but I really do. I was feeling lousy last week and figured I'd be fine by now. Ha! I took Baby Girl to ballet yesterday and had to come straight home because I thought I was going to pass out. I was scheduled to volunteer for a fund raiser today but I passed on that as well. If I don't feel better by Monday I'll call the doctor. I just remember last year when I got sick like this and had a reaction to the meds so I'm a bit skittish to try another med.

With all this lazing around the house, you'd think I'd be getting projects done as well. Nope. I've been laying on the couch during the day and when the rugrats get home, I'm crashing in the bedroom. I've done *some* knitting, but not enough to show. I may pull out a different cross stitch to work on. I want to get the snowman finished, but the glasses give me a headache after awhile. I may pull out the Seasonal Spring, give it 1/2 a chance to be done by the appropriate season.

Why don't you get off the computer and join me for a nap?

Great idea, Princess. Great idea......


SusieH said…
Oh, Lynn - take care of you!! I hope you can do some serious sleeping in this weekend...
Anonymous said…
Yuck ... hope you are feeling better soon. I know what you mean about meds making things worse.

That hydrocodone stuff is highly overrated. ;-)
Deborah said…
Fee better, friend.

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