Random Wednesday

I've been spending the day on and off trying to get caught up on my blog reading and one thing that has definitely caught my attention is how many people have joined KALs that will either keep them from buying new yarn or make them use up what they have. Some have decided that they will be blogging everyday.

Obviously the majority of people will buy more yarn and let WIPs become UFOs, and I really doubt people will be able to blog every day for a year (a month is one thing, but a year?!?), but for the time being, its funny to watch people be so hopeful. There will be a few KALs that I will be watching that will reduce stash, but I know better than to join. I don't do well with those kinds of KALs, and its like setting myself up to fail. Who wants to do that?!?

Meanwhile for those of you who DID join those KALs to reduce stash and UFOs and plan on blogging every day for a year, I WILL be watching!


During my surfing, I'm coming across some really funny websites. Stringativity has brought up a new security issue for the secret service to watch out for!! This just cracked me up!! What Obama must have thought and what the secret service must have thought after it happened!!

I also find it interesting that The Wall Street Journal would find the place for a knitting related article.

The one that got me laughing out loud?? These gauchos!! I found this link courtesy of Janet's blog.


Apparently I'm starting a collection of nuclear power plants that we pass by during our travels. This is one we saw on our way to Savannah, around Jacksonville.

To see my other one, go here.


Come back tomorrow to see Kitty Thursday. It will apparently be another post filled with anything other than knitting. I'm at a point where I have to *think* on 2 of my projects and another one needs a clean, kitty free lap so the only thing that's getting worked on is my kitty blankie. Oh, and my snowman. Updates should be coming soon.


Last but not least........

Congratulations to one Terrific Kid!!!


SusieH said…
Optimism - it's a beautiful thing! I've seen one Stash/UFO Busting group on Ravelry that looks good, actually - something about dealing with 12 projects by either finishing them or getting rid of them or something? LOL Need to read it when I am not so tired...
Dee said…
I'm not into punishing myself with arbitrary stash-busting rules either. I just KNOW I would lose on that one.

Congrats to your son on his Terrific Kid thing ... but then we already knew that didn't we?
aksunflour said…
As for stash busting- I am down 6 yards of flannel. (ok so it was bought for this project- still it frees up space on the shelves for the fabric on the ironing board).

Loved the links (shared the Obama one w/DH). And thank you for honoring me w/a link.

Way to go on the Terrific Kid!
Vivian said…
Those gauchos are other worldly. wonder what kind of kid would wear such a thing?

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