Saturday sky

It's amazing how a week back to "normal" can wipe you out after having 3 weeks of time off. It's not even 7:30pm yet and I'm ready to fall asleep. The IO is already there. Once I get the kids to bed I'll be going, too. I'm just too wiped out. We are such party animals here at Happy Acres.

It's been a pretty laid back kind of day; blueberry bread was made for breakfast, dinner was done at 4pm(the early bird special tonight was stewed chicken, rice, corn and a salad). In between K-P duty, yarn and needles were played with.

I pulled out Samuel's sweater to work on the sleeves.

I took this picture before I started and am now 6 inches into it.

The sleeves to Samuel's sweater involve strategically placed increases, which means I have to pay attention and I have no brain for that at night, so I cast on for another sweater, this one for CIC. The current challenge is to knit up sweaters and vests in sizes 2 and 4. I pulled out some wool and cast on. It's not going as fast as I'd like, but I'm knitting it in the round up until the arm holes so once I hit the sleeves, I'll be almost done.

It's chunky weight yarn so it will be nice and thick and warm for some small child. The challenge is until March 31st, so I might get a vest done as well.

And here is my Saturday Sky.

No temp pics today, it was in the 70s for all those curious.

Since I've been really consistent about posting for Saturday Sky, and since I really enjoyed Project Spectrum in the past, I decided to join a KAL that sort of combines both.

The ABC Along takes the alphabet and breaks it up throughout the year. You get two weeks to post a picture of something that symbolizes that letter in any fashion you want. Right now the letter A is being featured. The flickr site (I'd link it, but flickr just told me it was getting a massage so I'll have to link it later) shows pictures of *action* or *activity*, families doing fun winter stuff. Or alpaca (both yarn and animal). There was even an apple tree.

I've been trying to come up with something different and unusual, but I couldn't think of anything, so my plan was this......

A is for Architecture

This is one of the buildings we saw while we were walking in Savannah.

A few of you mentioned how you enjoyed looking at my pictures from Savannah so I thought one more would be nice.

And it is, but then the IO came up with an even better one.

A is for Airplane Food

This is PART of a meal served on Qantas on a 13hr flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. Go here and click on Qantas to see the MENU you get when you fly first class.

This is a *meal* from JetBlue on a flight from Long Beach to Oakland, CA. The flight is only an hour long, but apparently the guy flirted with the flight attendants and they showered him with snacks! On a 6 hour flight you get pretzels and cheese in a nicer container and a small package of Oreos.

Obviously it pays to fly first class.

As you can see, I plan on having fun with this one, and it's turning into a family affair! Stay tuned for interesting representations of letters, esp when the IO is involved!


Dee said…
Whoa --- purple potato chips. I want to fly first class!
aksunflour said…
Ok so I just bumped your ticker up another number- I read Dee's comment about purple tater chips, and said what did I miss? They must be made of beets- very healthy food on that flight. The things they replace peanuts with!

Love the new KAL! It is always great when the family gets involved.

Wonderful pic of Savannah! Nice sunny WARM! Once again thank you for the Saturday Sky.
Carol said…
Your As are great! Let's not knock JetBlue now, I see all the food groups represented there ;-)

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