Saturday Stuff

Is it Saturday already? Boy time flies when you're sick. Baby Girl and #1 Son were both sick last wknd. They are much better, but now I'm sick, and the IO is heading that way as well.

Just because I was sick didn't mean I didn't meet up with my stitching group on Thursday. I was very loopy but I still made some progress on my snowman.

The tree is finished and the snowman is just getting started. This project really isnt that hard, but the small, dark fabric is killing me. The reading glasses give me a headache after abt an hour of stitching so I need to switch off to something else.

Being sick has left me with little energy to do much, but knit (my silver lining!). I've been able to finish off the sweater for Samuel.

I've got it drying on the washing machine and I'm hoping to mail it out on Tuesday. I'm not completely thrilled with the fish, but it could be worse. And my seaming is getting better.

Speaking of seaming, I'm trying to finish off #1 Son's vest.

The border is a ribbing that should have been added while the sweater was being knit. I'm not picking up stitches along the edge, I'm using the stitches that were left over after the ribbing was finished and I need to add yet another seam to this vest. The shoulders are done and I'm 1/2 way done with the ribbing on one side. I need to add the ribbing to the other side and then add ribbing to finish off the arms. Not much, but it's taking more time than anticipated. I'm still hoping it will be ready for tomorrow.

And finally, here is my sky.

With the bad weather a lot of the US is experiencing, I almost don't want to post the temps.

We've got a cold front coming thru tonight which means we'll have a high tomorrow of only 58. Remember, this is COLD for us here. And honestly, I don't know how some of you handle the cold you get. I'm the first to admit, I'm a wuss when it comes to the cold. I'm a wuss when it comes to the heat as well. Can't stand either extremes. Just make sure you all stay warm.

Another reason to have stash, it insulates the house.


aksunflour said…
Good job on finishing the sweater!

As for handling the cold- I am a wuss too. I dream of being a "snowbird"! LOL

stitcherw said…
Sorry to hear everyones been sick. I think all the crazy weather we've been having is causing a lot of people to be sick lately. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Snowman is looking good, and I think the sweater turned out great, cute fish. Good luck finishing the vest and stay warm.
Anonymous said…
The fishy sweater is adorable. Hope y'all are feeling better soon.
Carol said…
These are the good times for us no doubt. The new knits are great! And congrats! I see you've won! That should help boost the feeling better, hope it does.
Vivian said…
The fish sweater is very very cute!

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