Third Times a Charm?

Let's hope so because I won't be knitting them up again!

What am I talking abt?? #1 Son's socks. I've had to rip them out yet again because they've been too small. I first cast on back in 2006, finished one and had him try it on. It was too small. Since another pair was given to Baby Girl for this exact reason, I knew I had to rip it out and start again.

Fast forward to September 2007. I cast on again, this time with size 1 needles and I followed a pattern for a basic woman's sock. I decided to work both at the same time so that they would end up fitting him when I was done. I last showed my progress HERE. I was even a bit further along on the foot for one of them. I had him try it on to make sure. Yep, too tight.

The boy does NOT have a big foot, but he has duck feet. Starts out with a regular sized heel, but then as the foot widens, it never tapers back in for the toes. I had him try on my Lorna's Laces (my faves) and he LOVED them. They were a bit long in the toes, but they were perfect everywhere else. He wanted to know if I could cut the toes out and knit them up to fit him. HA!

So I cast on once again.

This time I'm using size 2dpns and cast on 56 sts, like I would for me. I think the yarn is gonna be a bit thin at this gauge, but honestly, I dont care. By the time he wears them out, he'll have outgrown them anyway. He just loves the colors in the yarn so much, which is why I keep going. I prefer the size 2 to the size 1s, so right off the bat I'm enjoying it more. Makes it more promising that it will be finished soon. He also asked me abt his vest......I just need to seam it up. I want to make that a priority for Saturday so that he can wear it on Sunday when the highs will be 61.

I will be stitching on my snowman tomorrow since I'm meeting the girls for our monthly stitch day. I'll be posting an updated picture of him either tomorrow night or Friday.

Excuse me, tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday is all abt the cats, NOT the snowmen.


staci said…
I just finished a pair of socks for my 7 1/2yr old son--56 st on sz 2dpns...he has kinda wide feet :) That's exactly what I do for my socks, just a little longer in the foot :) In another year or so, I'll be knitting him socks that are bigger than mine!!!
Carol said…
Must. Listen. To. The. Cat. Enjoy your night out and don't sweat the sock. It will be great!
Jo said…
Hi Lynn, I followed you back from my blog. Thank you for your comments.

When I make plain stocking stitch socks for the Princess I cast on 56 sts and use 2.50mm needles (not sure what size that is in the US a 1 maybe?)
But the Donyale pattern is a much tighter fit so she ended up being the same size as me (60 sts) but shorter in both the heel flap (I have high arches) and the length.
SusieH said…
Bummer! But it sounds like you've figured out the secret of fitting socks to his feet. D. has got wide feet too. They're only size 3-3.5 right now, but we can wear the same socks if they're commercial stretchy ones.
stitcherw said…
Good luck on the socks, I hope this time they go smoothly for you and fit him fine when you're done. Love the color.

Looking forward to seeing the snowman update, and of course your Thurs. cats. :)
Criquette said…
What a gorgeous kitty!

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