Thursday Kitties

Who left this perfectly comfortable piece of cardboard in the middle of the room for me to sleep on?

It's almost as good as this bucket of wires.

I prefer a bed topped with a dvd......

...or a flyer.

Then again Baby Girl has the added benefit of warmth;

which I need on a morning like this.

It's even cold in the house!

Splurge on some heat, would you?! I'm old and live in Florida for a reason!


Anonymous said…
Cute photos! Cats find the craziest places to sleep. WAS cold in your house this morning. The thermometer by the thermostat says 68, but my bedroom is at the far end of the house and I know it's not that warm there.

That's why I'M in the office in the sunshine!
SusieH said…
They are SO funny!! Love the DVD on the duvet!
Carol said…
~snort~ I took a pic of my thermometer too! It was the same?
aksunflour said…
You have been working hard to get that floor space clean!

Cats do sleep in the weirdest places. (Athena's fave is the top of the refridge).

THAT IS COLD! And there went the oranges. Should have bought some last week before the freeze.
Jane said…
Cats doing what they do best - sleeping. Socks and Mittens have been doing a lot of that lately, mostly because they are both a little sick, poor guys. It's too cold here, too. Happy New Year!
KSee said…
How funny and true. Put it down and they are right there. we live in their houses and keep putting things around just for them. We are very considerate tenants!! LOL

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