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Since the IO and I had yet ANOTHER anniversary (22 years this go around), the in-laws stayed at the house while we went away for the wknd. Instead of staying locally, we decided to leave the state and head out to Savannah, GA. It's abt a 4.5 hour drive, close enough if something happens, far enough to feel like we're really getting away.

While Savannah wasn't as *quaint* as we were expecting, we still had a really nice time. It was very laid back; no rushing, nothing specifically planned, just relaxing and enjoying the area. There was a bit of excitement when we had people come into our room around midnight Friday, but I apparently was so exhausted that I slept thru the majority of it! When we first checked in, the guy gave us a room with 2 queen beds, but then asked if we wanted a room with a King bed instead. I told him that would be nice. "I guess I should sleep with my husband since it IS our anniversary." And I think that is where the problem began. I flustered the man so much that when he transferred over our room keys, he never put it in the computer so when this other couple checked in around midnight, they were assigned our same room. The IO went downstairs to let them know somebody tried to get into our room, but that was when he found the couple and the night manager trying to straighten everything out. The couple was SO embarrased and felt so bad disturbing us. The night manager was VERY apologetic. Everything was straightened out, or so we thought, until the IO got back to the room and tried to use the key. It didn't work. When they assigned the room to the other couple, the computer cleared out our keys for the new ones. We fixed those in the AM. (nothing is ever easy)

Thankfully Saturday was much more relaxing than that!! We drove around the Historic Downtown District to get a feel for the area and then parked.

We walked thru some of the Squares

and saw some of the famous sites.

If any of you are fans of the Food Network, you know who Paula Deen is. Her restaurant is near the City Market and we wanted to eat there, but it was closed for the holidays. This made the Rugrats happy since they REALLY want to eat at her restaurant. There are a couple of places they would enjoy so we will be going back with the kids later this year.

After eating a big lunch, we decided to take a guided tour. Meet our tour guide Patrick.

We took a guided tour on a horse drawn trolley. THIS was a LOT of fun. We learned a lot of history and back stories to the different streets, buildings and restaurants we wouldn't have known about otherwise. We also heard a LOT of bad jokes, but a few of them came from the IO and another guy in our group. Once the bad puns started flying, there just was no stopping them!!

Now between all this walking and eating and touring, you KNOW I fit in some shopping!!! I had two places marked that I wanted to go to and they were fairly close together.

First stop, Twiggs.

I'm not really sure what to say about this place. She's been in business for awhile and her website is very inviting, but it's not a shop I would recommend. It was dark and a bit cluttered. She sold mostly needlepoint, but had a few cross stitch pieces on the wall when you walked in. If you wanted to look for something you had to look thru drawers to find it. She used to sell yarn, but said once the Big Box stores opened up, she couldn't move the yarn anymore so she stopped ordering new stuff. She had some Lamb's Pride and a couple of skeins of sock yarn, but nothing called my name so I passed. I did get a small chart of a local lighthouse. I tend to collect small charts from areas that we visit so this was perfect to buy.

A little further down the road, is Wild Fibre. Now this was totally different!!! It was airy and bright and had a nice selection of yarn. She also had her notions on display, and a couple of magazines to choose from. They had some people knitting in the back of the shop and it seemed very friendly and inviting.

What did I get?

I am REALLY looking forward to knitting this up. It feels really soft and I think it will be really nice to work with.

I'm also trying something a bit different for me.

They only had one skein of the green and pink so I got a white one to make a pair of short cuff socks with the green and pink as heel and toe hilites. I *may* call the store to get another white skein AND they had really cute shirts that say Wild Fibre on them with a ball of yarn and two sticks going thru it. Bright colors too. I would definitely go back to this shop the next visit.

I got some knitting done on the drive up and back, but mostly just adding inches to already shown projects so I'm going to wait until it looks significantly bigger or different before I post those updates. I also listened to my Key Lime Pie Murder disks in the car on the way home. The IO said he didn't mind and I got everything but the last disk finished. We were just learning who the killer was when we pulled into the driveway so I'll have to play the rest of it today.

Today we go back to normal, rugrats back in school, the Insane One back to work and me trying to tame the laundry beast.

Who knew he was also a horse whisperer???


aksunflour said…
Wow You guys look like you had fun on your Anniversary. Congratulations.

Love the new yarn and I love car knitting.
Dee said…
Happy Anniversary! I think Steve and I will have to make a trip to Savannah. Your pictures are very enticing!
Fantastic! Great to hear about your trip, thanks for sharing!

The yarn looks yummy and fantastic. Enjoy!
Deborah said…
Wow, you were in Savannah? When I was a working girl (Coca Cola Co.), I traveled there often to visit my Grandma. My father's family are from Savannah.

I would stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts there. I love it. Thanks for the pictures, it brought back many memories. I haven't been there in 15 years since my grandma passed on.
Carol said…
Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you two had a great time! I would Love to eat at Paula's for sure!
Patricia said…
Sounds like a great trip. It's been several years now, but we used to stay at the Gastonian. My favorite eatery was the Pink House and Elizabeths on 34th. Thanks for rekindling memories. We are just 4 hours away and should revisit soon.
Jacki said…
Bad husband would have fit right in!!
That's some beautiful yarn!!
Jane said…
Looks like you had a wonderful trip. We had that same thing happen when we were on vacation one time. It's very disturbing to have someone try to get into your room in the middle of the night! I really enjoyed seeing your photos. Made me want to go back to Savannah soon. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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