Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another FO

I tend to be a bit stubborn with my knitting and while I don't rip things out, I keep doing them until I like what I get.

Case in point, vests. I made two of them that came out *ok*, but I wasn't thrilled with them. I still think the necks might be a bit tight, but I sent them anyway. Not being happy with what I did, I cast on for another vest.


I used this pattern from the Warm Woolies site. I cast on with a size 15 needle (instead of an 11) and didn't realize it until I got to the armholes, but I also added too many strands of different weights of wool and made something thicker than bulky, so it all evened out and the vest looks good. I'm happy it worked out, but it won't fit a child aged 3-4. It will fit a child aged 6-9.

It fits #1 Son as well, but I like the fit on Baby Girl better. Either way, it will fit a child well which was the main goal. (A picture of #1 Son wearing the vest was taken, but posting of the picture was nixed by the boy. "You can't put THAT on your blog, MOM!" You'll have to just take my word that it fit him as well.)

Am I happy with the outcome? Yes. Am I content?? No!! I started yet ANOTHER vest, this time w/o the seed stitch front (I started it just at the armhole edge) and with bulky yarn instead of super bulky stuff.

MUCH better. This one is more the size that I'm looking for so it should satisfy the voices in my head. Or at least some of them......

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lost in Time

While I don't usually blog twice in one day, I had to come back and post this.

You Belong in 1956

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1956?!? My MOTHER was only 12 in 1956!! Honestly I don't know how they figured me out because I was all over the decades with what I watch, say and drive. I think it was Cary Grant that put me over the edge (which is fine by me!)

D is for......

Florida has been in a drought for a few years now. We got a ton of rain back in 2004 when we had 3 hurricanes blow thru, but the lakes have slowly continued to drop. We have a small lake at the beginning of our sub division that has really shown this to be true. It was never that deep so it looks worse than it probably is, but the IO would take the kids fishing in the lake for the fun of it (catch and release). Now all that is there are ducks. Even the family of Sandhill Cranes are gone. We still have plenty of wildlife in the other surrounding lakes, and if you didn't know what this looked like before, it would be fine. I put a line along the areas that were mucky when they stood to fish. You can see there is quite a difference.

The things circled are the family of ducks. The lake provides food for their family, but they are so used to having people feed them, they start to swim to shore the second they see humans! I didn't bring any this time around so I got out quickly before they attacked!

The knitted kind!

These were from an on line shop, but this blog shows you how to make them!


#1 Son saw this and asked me why I bought the book when I already know how to knit. Apparently I will buy anything for $.50. (gotta love those Target bins!)


Meet Delaney! She is my new niece and who I made those socks for. Since I showed you the final products of my labor, I figured I'd show you the final product of my SIL's labor. She wins!


Here they are in all their cherry glory. I think these were the easiest of all my Kool Aid dyeing since I didn't even use the stove! I put water in the microwave, nuked it for 3 min, added the Kool Aid, stirred it up to dissolve it, dropped in the socks and flipped them a couple of times, put them back in the microwave for two 2 minute increments and let it sit. I remembered them an hour later and they were perfect! I LOVE Kool Aid dyeing! It's perfect for us lazy people who don't want to get too crazy but want to add some color. And it always amazes me when I see deep red water go completely clear.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Updates

I swear it's getting harder and harder to get on the computer on Saturdays. I think I need to set up some kind of schedule just so I can get on occasionally! I think I'll use tomorrow to get caught up on my blog reading. Everybody will be in school/work and it will just be ME!! BUHAHAHAHAHA!!

Ok enough of my maniacal behavior, let's get on to the good stuff. I know a lot of you come to see the beautiful skies and temps living in FL will give, but yesterday morning we had a front come thru and this was my morning sky

However, this IS Florida and if you wait a bit, the weather will change and we were back to this.

I will need to take a picture of those same trees in the summer. It's weird to see them not growing new leaves yet. We've had some trees that have not only flowered, but are already dropping them.

The rainy morning was perfect for knitting, so while it was drizzly outside, I cast on and finished these.

I kind of feel that these are too light to send out so I'm dyeing them in Cherry Kool-Aid as I type. I'll be posting a picture of the finished product either later today or tomorrow.

I LOVE these socks. You can literally make then in one day. The pink yarn is finally gone, and I still have a bit of the tan left. I can probably get another pair out of the tan and I may do them today. Or I may pull out the vest, I'm SO close to finishing that as well.

Once I finish both the vest and the 2nd pair of socks, I'll cast on for #1 Son's second sock and hopefully get them done before the end of the month.

What was the best part of the day?? Getting these in the mail!

Doesn't this look yummy?!? I got them from NH Knitting Mama. She was having a sale on Valentine's Day and since I've been debating on buying from her for awhile, it was just what I needed to go for it!!! She always posts such lovely yarns, and now I have proof they are as nice in person as they are pictured!!! She has an Esty shop and while I can't find the link at the moment, she has one on her blog so go stop by and see some of the new yarns up for grabs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Caved.......

I'll give you a hint. There are 5000+ people ahead of me. Can you guess where I signed up????

Ugh, I canNOT believe I caved, but I'm seeing too many references to Ravelry NOT to join.

So, there you have it. Peer pressure wins again.

Yesterday was the day I was meeting up with my stitching friends for some cross stitch time. Well I never made it. Baby Girl has been fighting something for the past couple of weeks (I'm surprised she lasted that long considering everybody in her class is sick), but Wednesday she just kept coughing and coughing and really couldnt stop. I tried breathing treatments and some cold and allergy meds and slathered on some Vicks. Didn't work. Then I'm realizing her cough sounds alot like mine and realized she's dealing with a post nasal drip, so off to CVS at 10:30pm to get some Sudafed. I gave her some tea and the IO sat with her for a bit. She was asleep by 11:30. I kept her home today as well, just to give her a bit of a rest from all the sickies at school and to make sure that this is actually working for her. I'm pretty sure it is since she's trying on my clothes as I type.

The IO offered to stay home with her so that I could still get away, but he had a black spot forming under a scar and it was getting lumpy so we knew he had to get to the dr. It turned out to be some kind of gland that was infected. It was lanced and he was given some meds to alleviate the infection. So tragedy was averted. Just wished this all happened last week!

However all is not lost. Dee suggested we try to meet next week for another stitching day. It might just be the two of us, but we tolerate each other pretty well so I'm sure we'll have a good time! (hey, Dee!!! [waving]) And I'll be SO ready for some grown up time after this week!!!

And since it would be just wrong to leave you without a picture, have you ever seen an albino moose before?!?!

VERY cool!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kitty Thursdays

So where are these big kitties you talked abt???

My eyes can cut right thru that "so called" cage.

My paw is bigger than your entire head.

Never mind!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just One More.......

So the last time I blogged, I spoke abt playing in my fabric. Did I?


I pulled out some wool and cast on for another vest.

I REALLY want to make one that I'm happy with. So far so good.

There is no urgency for socks or sweaters for us here

so instead of casting on for #1 Son's sock, I decided to use up some of my wool yarn. WITH COLOR!

I did pull out my Seasonal Spring to work on while I meet up with my stitching group tomorrow. I have to say I'm so happy I can join them on a regular basis now. It seems as if this is the only time I get to stitch anymore. I want to make a bit of progress on it, though, so that I have more than brown lines to show.....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Updates

I don't know abt you, but if I don't have a clear idea of what I want to work on, I tend to flounder around a bit. Now that I finished alot of on going projects, I don't necessarily know what to work on next. I've been trying to go thru what I have already started and I'm also trying to organize any projects that have been sitting around or have been rattling around in my brain. I started making a list of projects that I really want to finish and the majority of them are quilts. So it looks like I will need to break out the sewing machine.

Meanwhile here are some shots of the knitting WIPs I've got going on:

The kitty blanket

After #1 Son's one sock was done, I pulled this out to work on. I'm really not feeling all the colors in this one, but I will finish off what I have pulled out for it. Too many blah colors mixed with a teal that is getting old to look at. My next one will include the pinks and purples and blues that will keep it more interesting to look at. This one will get done because while the colors are blah for me, the cats won't care because they'll be warm.

A blanket for A4A

I cast on 3 different projects with this yarn and nothing really spoke to me. It was doubled when I got it and I've tried different vests and even a blanket with it, but I didn't like any of them. So I decided to use it as a single strand instead and cast on for a blanket for A4A. It's white wool that will be dyed when the blanket is done.

A sweater for me

I really haven't made much progress on this guy. I'm hoping to have this done by Oct so that I can wear it next winter.

You know, I just looked back at these 3 projects and I realize why they are still lingering; they are BORING!!! There is no color to inspire me!!! And yes I do realize that I need to finish sock #2 for #1Son, but I need to take a break from it. It's another project that doesn't inspire me. Maybe I should pull out some bright yarn and cast on for a pair of socks for me!

As far as cross stitching goes, it seems to be non existent so I've decided to rotate out the snowman and pull out the Seasonal Spring one. With the way I cross stitch I probably should pull out the Summer one instead (which, now that I mention it, I just might do!) I'm meeting up with my stitching group on Thursday and will make a definite decision by then. Meanwhile here are the before and after pictures of my snowman.

He will probably not see the light of day until the end of Oct when the weather starts to cool off again.

Quilt wise, I have no pictures, but I have ideas. I will be working on the February block of my BOM quilt; I will pull out some fabrics to start on the quilt I want to make Baby Girl's teacher; I REALLY need to work on the quilt for #1 Son that has been lingering for the past 4 years (at LEAST); and last one that has most recently come to mind is the one for a friend of mine. She has a 4 y/o little girl who has been in and out of hospitals 4 different times in less than a year. Her immune system doesn't seem to be working like it should so when she gets sick, she gets SICK. Once she goes on some major meds, she recovers, but a month later she gets something else again and back they go to the hospital. I'm thinking of using some of my fabrics to make the little girl something soft to have with her during her stays. Something the size of a lap quilt so that if the mom needs it when she's sitting in a chair to keep warm, she can use it too.

I think I need to go play with some fabric.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Our weather.

This really is the best time of year to be living in FL. You still get cooler days, but by the end of Feb you are pretty certain that whatever yard work you do won't be killed off by the cold.


It fits!!! I think it's a bit big, but #1 Son is happy. The ankle is a bit loose and I added no negative ease into the sock so it wouldn't be tight in the toes. I even put in a life line just in case it didn't fit. But for now he likes them.

If not, then I'll take them back!! Because of the extra elastic in the socks, they fit me as well!!

Ok they are a bit snug, but not so bad that they'd be too uncomfortable to wear.


I'm either knitting too much or I'm pulling too hard because in the past month this has happened.....

Here's a closer view of what I mean.

The little black parts that attach the cable to the needle broke off. Thankfully they have a lifetime warrantee on them so all I have to do is send them back and they will send me replacement cables. I use my Denise needles more than I expected to, and apparently I've got the proof to show it!


A work truck with a trailer stopped short in front of the IO, and while he tried to swerve to avoid hitting it, he didn't quite make it.

Again, it couldn't be the old grey van, it has to be the nicer, newer red van.

I thought it was just the bumper, but it's the headlight, the hood, the front quarter panel AND the driverside door (it scrapes when you open the door and part of the paint has come off). The bumper is fine, which explains why the air bag didn't go off. It will be going to the repair shop sometime next week, once all the insurance stuff is straightened out. It really could have been worse; there were no injuries and no damage to the trailer. Since it technically was the IO's fault, if there were injuries and other damages, our insurance would have to cover it all which would include an eventual hike in price for us. All that was damaged was our van which is why no cops were called in (insurance company said this was ok to do since nothing else was hurt/damaged). This way he avoided a ticket as well.

Tomorrow I'll be posting updates of various WIPs. I haven't started the second sock yet so all I've been doing is mindless knitting on whatever I have around. Plus there will be pictures of our day at the zoo.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitty Thursdays

Is it true you're going to see some big kitties tomorrow?? Are you bringing yet ANOTHER cat home?!?

Will they be fun to play with??

As long as they realize who the Princess is, all will be fine.

If they give me any trouble, I'll zap them with my laser vision!

Central Florida Zoo here we come! As usual, life is never boring around here. Updates will follow shortly........

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Like I Really Needed to Know

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

This was one of the funner (yes, it's a word!) quizes I've taken in awhile!!

Oh and Brigitte pointed out a C word that I forgot.


How on earth did I forget this one?!!?!?

Monday, February 11, 2008

C is for

Caesar the Cat

Ok you KNEW I had to have a cat in the letter C. And since I have 4 more that will want equal time, I figured I'd pace myself.


A non blogging friend sent this to me. It's a real cake! I did some google searching on line to get a link and while I found a couple of other blogs that posted this picture, I couldnt find the original maker of the cake. Regardless, it's an amazing design and there is NO way I'd be able to cut into it.....


This cradle has been in the IO's family since the late 1880s. It was made by the uncle of the IO's mother's mother. It was kept in an attic for awhile, donated to the local museum, and when we found out we were having #1 Son, we got it back from the museum (who was no longer using it. It was stuffed in a closet!) and had both #1 Son and Baby Girl pose in it. It now sits in Baby Girl's closet housing all the stuffed animals. His family used to have a LOT of antiques, but it's not an interest of his mom's so most of the stuff was sold AT YARD SALES!!!! Needless to say they got pennies for it all, and this ticks off one of IO's sisters royally. However she is thrilled that we have the cradle. I even have a letter from the grandmother explaining the history of the cradle. C is also for very COOL.

C is also for Crazy. I'm going to follow along with the latest Project Spectrum. It's over a period of 8 months and the theme is the elements. I enjoy posting pics of similar colors so I think I will post them some time in March.

But that's not the crazy part. I'm actually thinking of holding a swap. I had so much fun with the Virtual Vacation swap, and while I've been watching other swaps take place, nothing has called out to me. So I'm thinking of Bring on the Spring Swap. I'm not even sure if I'm going to do this, but I've been searching around, getting a feel of what a swap would be like. I figure if I could get at least 10 people to commit, I think it could be fun. Shoot, if I got ONE to commit, WE could do the swap!! I'll keep looking/considering what to do and post more if I decide to do it. Meanwhile, if you would be interested in a swap, leave a comment. No that doesn't mean if/when the swap gets going you will be made to commit, but it gives me an idea of how many (if any) would be interested.

Last but not least, C is for Cookie

That's good enough for me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Finish!!

It is DONE!!!!

The vest I started for #1 Son back in Oct 2006 is FINISHED! Here is a view of the back, click to make bigger to see the pattern better.

It's getting warmer here and I knew if I didn't finish it off soon, he wouldn't get to wear it this year either. That would be 2 winters missed, and with a growing boy, that leaves VERY little wiggle room. I blocked it out last night and covered it with a towel.

Good thing too.

I am finishing the blocking process for you. You should be happy. I accept payment in tuna or catnip only.

I had to run to JoAnn's this AM to get the buttons because I didn't have any matching ones. I quickly sewed them on abt a 1/2 hour before we left the house. I forgot the camera so couldn't get any pics of him looking spiffy, but I *did* make him put his nice shirt back on so I could take a pic of him wearing it.

He was not amused.....

Here is another shot of the back.

Ok here are the stats for this vest.

Date cast on: 10/23/06
Date seamed up: 2/10/08
Needles sized 4 & 6
Yarn used: Queensland Collection Uruguay DK
color 02 dye lot 221
70% wool, 20% alpaca, 10% silk

I bought 4 skeins and this is what I had left over.

I realized I was cutting it close when I was on the front panels and saw that they were almost taking a full skein each. THANKFULLY I had enough since I bought this yarn back in the summer of 2006 during a clearance sale. There'd be no finding another skein with the same dye lot.

I am so glad this vest is done and hopefully it will still fit next year. This is the pattern I used.

I used it once before back in 2001 when I made him the same vest when he was not quite 3.

(Oh I miss those pudgy arms!)

He got to wear it for 3 winters so I'm hoping the same will hold true with this one.

Now that this is done, I'm really itching to finish off his socks. I'm thinking of adding in a life line just before the toe decreases so that I can rip it back to either make it longer when he outgrows them or make it longer for me when he decides that he doesn't like them after all.

I think I'm going to stick to sewing for the boy.