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I tend to be a bit stubborn with my knitting and while I don't rip things out, I keep doing them until I like what I get.

Case in point, vests. I made two of them that came out *ok*, but I wasn't thrilled with them. I still think the necks might be a bit tight, but I sent them anyway. Not being happy with what I did, I cast on for another vest.


I used this pattern from the Warm Woolies site. I cast on with a size 15 needle (instead of an 11) and didn't realize it until I got to the armholes, but I also added too many strands of different weights of wool and made something thicker than bulky, so it all evened out and the vest looks good. I'm happy it worked out, but it won't fit a child aged 3-4. It will fit a child aged 6-9.

It fits #1 Son as well, but I like the fit on Baby Girl better. Either way, it will fit a child well which was the main goal. (A picture of #1 Son wearing the vest was taken, but posting of the picture was nixed by the boy. "You can't put THAT on your blog, MOM!" You'll have to just take my word that it fit him as well.)

Am I happy with the outcome? Yes. Am I content?? No!! I started yet ANOTHER vest, this time w/o the seed stitch front (I started it just at the armhole edge) and with bulky yarn instead of super bulky stuff.

MUCH better. This one is more the size that I'm looking for so it should satisfy the voices in my head. Or at least some of them......


I'm glad it fit one of the kids! It's cute!
aksunflour said…
You are too funny! After I finish one project- I need a complete break from something even similar! That is why DH's scarf and Bumpkins mitt are still lagging.
staci said…
I followed the link in your previous post for the donut pattern... yummy! I don't usually knit any novelty type things; I do sweaters, shawls, socks, hats, mittens, scarves etc. But I love those donuts, and they're fat free!!!
Vivian said…
Looks like a nice warm comfy vest for a lucky child! My son doesn't like me posting his pictures either, or talk about him on my blog.

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