C is for

Caesar the Cat

Ok you KNEW I had to have a cat in the letter C. And since I have 4 more that will want equal time, I figured I'd pace myself.


A non blogging friend sent this to me. It's a real cake! I did some google searching on line to get a link and while I found a couple of other blogs that posted this picture, I couldnt find the original maker of the cake. Regardless, it's an amazing design and there is NO way I'd be able to cut into it.....


This cradle has been in the IO's family since the late 1880s. It was made by the uncle of the IO's mother's mother. It was kept in an attic for awhile, donated to the local museum, and when we found out we were having #1 Son, we got it back from the museum (who was no longer using it. It was stuffed in a closet!) and had both #1 Son and Baby Girl pose in it. It now sits in Baby Girl's closet housing all the stuffed animals. His family used to have a LOT of antiques, but it's not an interest of his mom's so most of the stuff was sold AT YARD SALES!!!! Needless to say they got pennies for it all, and this ticks off one of IO's sisters royally. However she is thrilled that we have the cradle. I even have a letter from the grandmother explaining the history of the cradle. C is also for very COOL.

C is also for Crazy. I'm going to follow along with the latest Project Spectrum. It's over a period of 8 months and the theme is the elements. I enjoy posting pics of similar colors so I think I will post them some time in March.

But that's not the crazy part. I'm actually thinking of holding a swap. I had so much fun with the Virtual Vacation swap, and while I've been watching other swaps take place, nothing has called out to me. So I'm thinking of Bring on the Spring Swap. I'm not even sure if I'm going to do this, but I've been searching around, getting a feel of what a swap would be like. I figure if I could get at least 10 people to commit, I think it could be fun. Shoot, if I got ONE to commit, WE could do the swap!! I'll keep looking/considering what to do and post more if I decide to do it. Meanwhile, if you would be interested in a swap, leave a comment. No that doesn't mean if/when the swap gets going you will be made to commit, but it gives me an idea of how many (if any) would be interested.

Last but not least, C is for Cookie

That's good enough for me.


Anonymous said…
C is for Cookie ... good enough for ME too!

What a CAKE -- I couldn't cut into it either.
Carol said…
Well, there goes my C! ;) Cookie Monster was the 1st thing that popped into my mind! Awesome post! That cake is amazing and I do hope you're passing down the cradle!
Criquette said…
What an adorable kitty! The first cat I ever rescued and brought home looked like him - her name was Kimmy and she was a very sweet little cat. caeser's picture reminded me of her.

I'll be the first to commit to joining your swap! It sounds like lots of fun!
SusieH said…
Swap?! I'm in. I haven't done one yet, although I've sent a couple things to people and gotten things from others, unofficially. A small-scale one is right up my alley :)

That cake? Awe-inspiring.
aksunflour said…
you do know that once word gets out that you are doing a swap- it won't be small? Sorry just can't commit at this time :( Received a 2800 dollar lawyer bill in the mail- gotta' pay that off.

Loved the cookie monster- will come back when back when Bumpkins isn't watching airbuddies.

That is heartbreaking about the antiques.
Brigitte said…
Awww, what a sweet little Ceasar! Cookie...cake...CHOCOLATE! Ha! Now there's a good C-word!!

stitcherw said…
Congratulations on finishing the vest, it looked great in your earlier post. You sure did cut it close on the yarn though, yikes.

Loved the pictures. What a neat cake, it's amazing what they can do. The cradle was lovely too, and what a great history. Fun Cookie Monster, I haven't seen him since my DD was little. :)

Fun pictures in both posts of the cats too, they sure do know how to find comfy spots to sleep.

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