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Florida has been in a drought for a few years now. We got a ton of rain back in 2004 when we had 3 hurricanes blow thru, but the lakes have slowly continued to drop. We have a small lake at the beginning of our sub division that has really shown this to be true. It was never that deep so it looks worse than it probably is, but the IO would take the kids fishing in the lake for the fun of it (catch and release). Now all that is there are ducks. Even the family of Sandhill Cranes are gone. We still have plenty of wildlife in the other surrounding lakes, and if you didn't know what this looked like before, it would be fine. I put a line along the areas that were mucky when they stood to fish. You can see there is quite a difference.

The things circled are the family of ducks. The lake provides food for their family, but they are so used to having people feed them, they start to swim to shore the second they see humans! I didn't bring any this time around so I got out quickly before they attacked!

The knitted kind!

These were from an on line shop, but this blog shows you how to make them!


#1 Son saw this and asked me why I bought the book when I already know how to knit. Apparently I will buy anything for $.50. (gotta love those Target bins!)


Meet Delaney! She is my new niece and who I made those socks for. Since I showed you the final products of my labor, I figured I'd show you the final product of my SIL's labor. She wins!


Here they are in all their cherry glory. I think these were the easiest of all my Kool Aid dyeing since I didn't even use the stove! I put water in the microwave, nuked it for 3 min, added the Kool Aid, stirred it up to dissolve it, dropped in the socks and flipped them a couple of times, put them back in the microwave for two 2 minute increments and let it sit. I remembered them an hour later and they were perfect! I LOVE Kool Aid dyeing! It's perfect for us lazy people who don't want to get too crazy but want to add some color. And it always amazes me when I see deep red water go completely clear.


Jacki said…
Wow that Kool-Aid dyeing is pretty cool! Are there any issues with washing after you dye them?
Vivian said…
Love the donuts! The are zero fat and calory too :-)
Anonymous said…
Delaney is adorable and pretty soon she'll have some bright red socks!
stitcherw said…
You found wonderful ones for D. The knitted donuts are so cute, and Delany is adorable. The socks turned out great too, what a fun color. I've never done Kool-aid dying, but it sounds a great way to change the color of something if you have a color you don't particularly like and want to use up. Does it ever run though? That would be what I'd worry about, especially with a deep red.
Marguerite said…
How interesting. I think of Florida as humid and full of water, never as a place for drought.

We've had low water levels for many years now, but they're saying all the snow we got this year will help. Especially the Great Lakes.

Those donuts are something. Are you going to knit some?

I took the quiz and was 1960. Since the blurb mentioned drugs, I guess I won't post it. My kids would be calling me up to ask what's going on here.
Diane said…
Yes your sil certainly outdid herself producing that fine baby. Puts your socks to shame by comparison. Some people are such overachievers! Of course socks never wake you up in the middle of the night ..... or puke on your last clean blouse 2 minutes before you have to run out the door.

Oh and I would have bought the book too. For 50 cents ya can't go wrong.
KSee said…
drought is a bigger problem all over. I guess when we have no water the government will report and take notice. Baby Delaney is a doll. Love the no calorie donuts.

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