A Finish!!

It is DONE!!!!

The vest I started for #1 Son back in Oct 2006 is FINISHED! Here is a view of the back, click to make bigger to see the pattern better.

It's getting warmer here and I knew if I didn't finish it off soon, he wouldn't get to wear it this year either. That would be 2 winters missed, and with a growing boy, that leaves VERY little wiggle room. I blocked it out last night and covered it with a towel.

Good thing too.

I am finishing the blocking process for you. You should be happy. I accept payment in tuna or catnip only.

I had to run to JoAnn's this AM to get the buttons because I didn't have any matching ones. I quickly sewed them on abt a 1/2 hour before we left the house. I forgot the camera so couldn't get any pics of him looking spiffy, but I *did* make him put his nice shirt back on so I could take a pic of him wearing it.

He was not amused.....

Here is another shot of the back.

Ok here are the stats for this vest.

Date cast on: 10/23/06
Date seamed up: 2/10/08
Needles sized 4 & 6
Yarn used: Queensland Collection Uruguay DK
color 02 dye lot 221
70% wool, 20% alpaca, 10% silk

I bought 4 skeins and this is what I had left over.

I realized I was cutting it close when I was on the front panels and saw that they were almost taking a full skein each. THANKFULLY I had enough since I bought this yarn back in the summer of 2006 during a clearance sale. There'd be no finding another skein with the same dye lot.

I am so glad this vest is done and hopefully it will still fit next year. This is the pattern I used.

I used it once before back in 2001 when I made him the same vest when he was not quite 3.

(Oh I miss those pudgy arms!)

He got to wear it for 3 winters so I'm hoping the same will hold true with this one.

Now that this is done, I'm really itching to finish off his socks. I'm thinking of adding in a life line just before the toe decreases so that I can rip it back to either make it longer when he outgrows them or make it longer for me when he decides that he doesn't like them after all.

I think I'm going to stick to sewing for the boy.


KSee said…
Great job on the vest. The look on #1 face is priceless. Love your blocking helper. It was so nice of you to put that there!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! Your son looks great wearing the vest too. I love the color!! And how kind of Tiger to help you in blocking it. I'm sure that was the trick that made it just right.

I wanted to pinch you when I saw the picture of your roses!! OMG I am SO JEALOUS!!!! hahaha That was so unfair of you. haha

My niece Jessica used to attend the Father/Daughter dance when she was a "youngun" and it was always such a wonderful event. I'm sure your little darling that a wonderful time, and that it meant a lot to her and Daddy both.

Have a great day! :)
Anonymous said…
Sewing is probably a good idea. It won't be too long before he's shooting up a couple of inches every other month.

Boys are like that, ya know.
aksunflour said…
Good job on the sweater! Looks like today is going to be a cool one for you.

Guess what? It's snowing! Yeah! No more below 0 temps for us until next November/December (might drop to -5 but nothing colder!).
Aw, that came out awesome! He may not look amused right now, but someday he'll appreciate that his Momma knit for him!

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