The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Our weather.

This really is the best time of year to be living in FL. You still get cooler days, but by the end of Feb you are pretty certain that whatever yard work you do won't be killed off by the cold.


It fits!!! I think it's a bit big, but #1 Son is happy. The ankle is a bit loose and I added no negative ease into the sock so it wouldn't be tight in the toes. I even put in a life line just in case it didn't fit. But for now he likes them.

If not, then I'll take them back!! Because of the extra elastic in the socks, they fit me as well!!

Ok they are a bit snug, but not so bad that they'd be too uncomfortable to wear.


I'm either knitting too much or I'm pulling too hard because in the past month this has happened.....

Here's a closer view of what I mean.

The little black parts that attach the cable to the needle broke off. Thankfully they have a lifetime warrantee on them so all I have to do is send them back and they will send me replacement cables. I use my Denise needles more than I expected to, and apparently I've got the proof to show it!


A work truck with a trailer stopped short in front of the IO, and while he tried to swerve to avoid hitting it, he didn't quite make it.

Again, it couldn't be the old grey van, it has to be the nicer, newer red van.

I thought it was just the bumper, but it's the headlight, the hood, the front quarter panel AND the driverside door (it scrapes when you open the door and part of the paint has come off). The bumper is fine, which explains why the air bag didn't go off. It will be going to the repair shop sometime next week, once all the insurance stuff is straightened out. It really could have been worse; there were no injuries and no damage to the trailer. Since it technically was the IO's fault, if there were injuries and other damages, our insurance would have to cover it all which would include an eventual hike in price for us. All that was damaged was our van which is why no cops were called in (insurance company said this was ok to do since nothing else was hurt/damaged). This way he avoided a ticket as well.

Tomorrow I'll be posting updates of various WIPs. I haven't started the second sock yet so all I've been doing is mindless knitting on whatever I have around. Plus there will be pictures of our day at the zoo.


SusieH said…
Oh, bummer about the van! I clipped my babysitter's bumper this past week - that was mortifying. We agreed mutually to do a cash deal rather than inusrance because she has an old beater and to replace the bumper costs more than the car :)
Aw, bummer... I'm sorry about your van!

I chuckled when you talked about yardwork. We have snowbanks that are 6 feet tall (NOT KIDDING), and the fact that I don't have to mow lawn is the absolute only benefit of having all this snow/ice outside. Can you send some of those warm temps up here?
stitcherw said…
Love the sock, the color is great. To bad on the needles, that would be so frustrating, and I'm so sorry on the van. I hope that it can get repaired and back to you quickly.
Anonymous said…
Glad Bill wasn't hurt.

It bugs me that people drive like idiots, but then when you hit them it's YOUR fault.

I had a guy cut from the far left lane in front of me to turn into the McDonald's at UCF yesterday! Guess he really needed some fries! :::rolling eyes:::
aksunflour said…
I loved your sunny blue sky and the warm temp.
Watch for my Saturday sky tomorrow....
LOL... yard work! DH gets to "mow" our drive tomorrow. (mowing in wintertime means snowblowing).

Glad no one was hurt. Swerving to avoid an accident is a touchy area, sometimes you are cited for failure to avoid an accident and other times not.
Carol said…
That bites! At least there were no injuries, and no tickets. And you have a ggos home for the socks either way.
Vivian said…
Big ouch on the van! Hope it gets fixed soon without too much hassle.

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