History Repeating Itself

I was reading the New York Times on line and came across an article that was interesting.

THEY ALL KNIT, ONE ROW PLAIN, ONE PURL; Women, Busy With Their Needles, Have Revived an Old Handicraft and in It Find Many Compensations


AT a women's college a recent student survey revealed that the "composite girl" is 17and healthy and likes to knit. "A few years ago," remarks the manager of a needlework shop, "girls of that age thought knitting was something for their grandmothers."

Nothing new really, with the resurgence of knitting in the past few years, it's quite timely.

Oh did I mention that this is an exerpt from an article dated January 6, 1935?

I find it very interesting how trends in hand crafting (be it knitting or quilting or cross stitch) cycle around and suddenly it's the hot thing to do.


Jennifer said…
Too funny! You caught me.
SusieH said…
Wow...the more things change...the more they don't!
Anonymous said…
Love it! I am sure that any craft that survives through many generations has it's in and out phases. How wonderful it continues to resurface and provides so much pleasure for so many.

I love your vests, and I bet their warmth will be much appreciated. Adored the pictures of your "boys" too. I always do.

Take care :)
aksunflour said…
Needed to go some place warm for minute... so I just popped in.

Interesting article and insight into our history. I guess every few years mankind needs to get reacquainted with our roots/heritage.

I think about how little I know of my heritage and am really sad. Also that loss isn't what I want for my youngest DD so steps are being taken to prevent it.
Carol said…
Ha! That was a good one! And oh so true. It sounds familiar ...

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