I Caved.......

I'll give you a hint. There are 5000+ people ahead of me. Can you guess where I signed up????

Ugh, I canNOT believe I caved, but I'm seeing too many references to Ravelry NOT to join.

So, there you have it. Peer pressure wins again.

Yesterday was the day I was meeting up with my stitching friends for some cross stitch time. Well I never made it. Baby Girl has been fighting something for the past couple of weeks (I'm surprised she lasted that long considering everybody in her class is sick), but Wednesday she just kept coughing and coughing and really couldnt stop. I tried breathing treatments and some cold and allergy meds and slathered on some Vicks. Didn't work. Then I'm realizing her cough sounds alot like mine and realized she's dealing with a post nasal drip, so off to CVS at 10:30pm to get some Sudafed. I gave her some tea and the IO sat with her for a bit. She was asleep by 11:30. I kept her home today as well, just to give her a bit of a rest from all the sickies at school and to make sure that this is actually working for her. I'm pretty sure it is since she's trying on my clothes as I type.

The IO offered to stay home with her so that I could still get away, but he had a black spot forming under a scar and it was getting lumpy so we knew he had to get to the dr. It turned out to be some kind of gland that was infected. It was lanced and he was given some meds to alleviate the infection. So tragedy was averted. Just wished this all happened last week!

However all is not lost. Dee suggested we try to meet next week for another stitching day. It might just be the two of us, but we tolerate each other pretty well so I'm sure we'll have a good time! (hey, Dee!!! [waving]) And I'll be SO ready for some grown up time after this week!!!

And since it would be just wrong to leave you without a picture, have you ever seen an albino moose before?!?!

VERY cool!


Anonymous said…
:::waving::: right back at 'cha!

I guess I could "tolerate" another stitching day. ;-)
Carol said…
OK, so where is this albino moose?
Vivian said…
Yes, obey the peer presure! The queue actually goes pretty fast, so I'm sure you'll be there in no time. I wrote up a few hints that you might need later on:
aksunflour said…
Sucker! Resistance is futile... just say "NO". ROFL Peer pressure is so hard.. but the line is going fast (someone signed up and got in on the same day, others are only taking a week).

Yikes on your week!
You got the moose pix from someplace up here in AK (saw those pix in some newspaper this week- I think).
stitcherw said…
I remember when my DD was little, when one got sick at school they all got sick. It's amazing the number of bugs that they can pass around. I hope she's feeling better now and is fine for School on Monday.

That's a shame you had to miss your stitching group, it is always such fun to see what everyone has gotten done. I hope that your DH is better and you can get together with Dee soon for some serious stitching and chatting time.

Neat Moose picture, he kind of reminds me of a giant puff ball. :)

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