Kitty Thursdays

Is it true you're going to see some big kitties tomorrow?? Are you bringing yet ANOTHER cat home?!?

Will they be fun to play with??

As long as they realize who the Princess is, all will be fine.

If they give me any trouble, I'll zap them with my laser vision!

Central Florida Zoo here we come! As usual, life is never boring around here. Updates will follow shortly........


Carol said…
A nu kitteh?
Criquette said…
The kitties are all so darn cute! I want to swoosh them up and give them a big group hug!
aksunflour said…
the kitties are so cute!
Please post pix of a real zoo... haven't been to one in eons! Princess was 4 the last time I went to a real zoo.
We have an orange-y kitty boy, too. Ours is super fluffy, but the coloring is amazingly similar to yours!
Anonymous said…
The kitties have their own blog day, eh? I'll have to make sure from now on to stop by every Friday morning, just to see what they've been up to. :)

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