Saturday Sky on a Sunday Afternoon

What started out as a simple breakfast with my sister turned into an all day event. So no time to post a sky, but I still took the picture.

No temp pics, we've been in the 70s, with a chance of hitting 80 this week. I'm SO not ready for that much warm weather yet.

Meanwhile I've been knitting wool vests. The challenge for CIC this time around are sweaters and vests in sizes 2-6. Here are my attempts.

This first one is in a size 4. I thought the yarn was chunky so I used a pattern that called for size 10.5 needles. The vest is THICK. It almost feels felted.

So I found a vest pattern in bulky weight yarn and used size 13 needles for the second one in size 2.

MUCH better. The yarn used on both vests is some wool I bought off of eBay. Nice stuff, but the fuzzies nearly killed me by the end of the 2nd vest (I really can't work with certain wools, they make my eyes itch and irritate my throat). The red yarn was actually a nice surprise, it was wrapped underneath some of the grey and I didn't even notice it until I was almost done with the ball. I added it in for a stripe, which I really like, but I changed back to the grey on the back instead of the front and it added that little color jog in the vest. NOT happy abt that. And I'm not really sure if the neck openings are going to be too tight to pull over the kid's head.

Overall I'm not thrilled with them, but I'm sending them off anyway. I will probably do a vest again, but only in worsted weight and with a boat neck collar. This is the reason I do socks. SO much easier and less stress for me.

Here is another shot of the fish sweater I did for Samuel.

I plan on mailing out everything tomorrow.

Last but not least I received my prize package from Janet's contest.

What a cute bag! I really like it too.

But wait, there's MORE!

Another little bag! How cute is this?!?!

With another little "surprise".

Janet was also my swap partner for the Virtual Vacation and she sent me chocolate candy in the shape of Bear and Moose droppings. Hmmmm, I see a theme evolving here....

Baby Girl took the pink knitted bag and #1 Son has the moose nugget. He just finished watching a show on the Discovery Channel and they showed a guy who makes jewelry out of animal poop. He thinks its so cool that he now has one!!!

Gotta love boy logic.


Deborah said…
whenever i'm with my sisters NOTHING GETS DONE. We sit and talk all day long!
aksunflour said…
Haven't been w/my sis for two years and the last time was a little stressful (family wise).

Thank you for the wonderful sky picture.

Glad you liked the bags.... Stand by for another contest!
stitcherw said…
You're in the 70's with a chance of hitting 80 and they are saying rain changing to snow tonight for us. There certainly are weather extremes going on.

Congratulations on finishing both vests, they'll keep some child nice and warm. Love the little fish sweater, very cute, and what fun bags.
Diane said…
That sweater is super cute! And the vests are probably not up to your liking but they'll certainly keep a couple little ones nice and warm. Great job!
Carol said…
Too funny! Ac ase where someone says "what piece of ****" and it's a compliment ;-) Love what you've made! They fantastic! And so fast too!
SusieH said…
RuhRoh, about the all-day eventing Saturday. That fish sweater? Fantastic! And I really like the strip add-in on your vest. I think it looks a lot more playful that way...
Beth said…
Hey Lynn! I'll be in Orlando next week. Any good LYS?

Someone got a moose jelly bean dispenser for my brother for Christmas (he's a hunter). You squeeze it, and brown jelly beans (aka "poop") come out of it's rear end. And you eat it. Really.

At least the flavors were like root be*r and Coc*-Cola. But some of my family refused to try because it looked so gross!
Vivian said…
The CIC vests look great. I'm sure they can use thicker, warmer garments there.

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