Skies on a Saturday Afternoon

Two days ago there was another shuttle lift off. I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for the school bell to ring when it took off.
Can you see it?

Neither can I. This big cloud blocked the way of any views of the lift off.

Here is my sky today.

and my temps.

The weather has been a bit warm lately and my roses are starting to respond.

Another bush has a bunch of these on it.

There is another 7 weeks before it is officially Spring, but Florida never really follows the calendar. Nice now, but horrible come May.

Here is Baby Girl just before she walked out the door last night!

Her and the IO had a great time. This dance is the hottest ticket of the school year. We have over 1100 students in the school, but they can only fit 350 people in the cafeteria where the dance is held. They sell out every year. This year they sold out in 24 hours. I got our tickets first thing Monday morning and they were almost sold out then. I joked that next year there will be parents camping out the night before the tickets go on sale! They really need to have the dance at a bigger place, and while financially they could do it, they can't get enough volunteers.

Knitwise, I'm hoping to finish off #1 Son's vest tonight so he can wear it tomorrow. And I'm getting close to the toe decreases on his sock. Hopefully there will be pictures of FOs come Monday.


Anonymous said…
DD looks lovely. Glad she had a good time at the dance.
SusieH said…
Lovely girl, and lovely sky!!
aksunflour said…
You got me... I looked all over for the shuttle (even tried to see if the spot on my computer screen rubbed off or not.)

Did you make Baby Girl's dress?
Absolutely stunning!

Nice warm temps in your area again- loved the flowers. Thank you.

To answer your question about *warmed up* to what? Today was about 10 degrees above 0 F. Then it dropped down to below 0 again.
stitcherw said…
What a cutie, she looks very excited to be going to the dance.

Loved looking at your weather and flowers. Wish we could get some of that here, it is about 18 below with the wind chill right now.

Glad that you're feeling better. Your earlier entry sounded quite busy and trying to do it all when ill would be so difficult.

Good luck finishing the vest and sock, I'll look forward to seeing pictures.
Life's a Stitch said…
That first sky looks like a painting. Beautiful!

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