Sunday Updates

I don't know abt you, but if I don't have a clear idea of what I want to work on, I tend to flounder around a bit. Now that I finished alot of on going projects, I don't necessarily know what to work on next. I've been trying to go thru what I have already started and I'm also trying to organize any projects that have been sitting around or have been rattling around in my brain. I started making a list of projects that I really want to finish and the majority of them are quilts. So it looks like I will need to break out the sewing machine.

Meanwhile here are some shots of the knitting WIPs I've got going on:

The kitty blanket

After #1 Son's one sock was done, I pulled this out to work on. I'm really not feeling all the colors in this one, but I will finish off what I have pulled out for it. Too many blah colors mixed with a teal that is getting old to look at. My next one will include the pinks and purples and blues that will keep it more interesting to look at. This one will get done because while the colors are blah for me, the cats won't care because they'll be warm.

A blanket for A4A

I cast on 3 different projects with this yarn and nothing really spoke to me. It was doubled when I got it and I've tried different vests and even a blanket with it, but I didn't like any of them. So I decided to use it as a single strand instead and cast on for a blanket for A4A. It's white wool that will be dyed when the blanket is done.

A sweater for me

I really haven't made much progress on this guy. I'm hoping to have this done by Oct so that I can wear it next winter.

You know, I just looked back at these 3 projects and I realize why they are still lingering; they are BORING!!! There is no color to inspire me!!! And yes I do realize that I need to finish sock #2 for #1Son, but I need to take a break from it. It's another project that doesn't inspire me. Maybe I should pull out some bright yarn and cast on for a pair of socks for me!

As far as cross stitching goes, it seems to be non existent so I've decided to rotate out the snowman and pull out the Seasonal Spring one. With the way I cross stitch I probably should pull out the Summer one instead (which, now that I mention it, I just might do!) I'm meeting up with my stitching group on Thursday and will make a definite decision by then. Meanwhile here are the before and after pictures of my snowman.

He will probably not see the light of day until the end of Oct when the weather starts to cool off again.

Quilt wise, I have no pictures, but I have ideas. I will be working on the February block of my BOM quilt; I will pull out some fabrics to start on the quilt I want to make Baby Girl's teacher; I REALLY need to work on the quilt for #1 Son that has been lingering for the past 4 years (at LEAST); and last one that has most recently come to mind is the one for a friend of mine. She has a 4 y/o little girl who has been in and out of hospitals 4 different times in less than a year. Her immune system doesn't seem to be working like it should so when she gets sick, she gets SICK. Once she goes on some major meds, she recovers, but a month later she gets something else again and back they go to the hospital. I'm thinking of using some of my fabrics to make the little girl something soft to have with her during her stays. Something the size of a lap quilt so that if the mom needs it when she's sitting in a chair to keep warm, she can use it too.

I think I need to go play with some fabric.


aksunflour said…
oh quilts! Fun... a quick warm quilt would be flannel and old jeans (rag quilt).
Think I will go start a busy book.

Your snowman is looking like a snow person now.
Carol said…
You sure have lots going on there! If only there were more hours in the day.

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