F is for


This is the latest edition to the pile. It was in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. It's enough to make a pillow case for Baby Girl.


When we first got Hemi, his fur was a bit rough, but after almost a year of tender loving care, it is silky soft.


From our hibiscus bush.

Some weeds try to have such pretty flowers. They get pulled anyway.

One of the sunflowers blooming under the bird feeder.



I love the kitty shots. Mine had orange fur and the same kind of orange splat on the side of his sweet nose. I miss him.
Anonymous said…
Who's face?

Cute pictures.
aksunflour said…
The material is so exquisite! Also love the Hibiscus- (used to have one but lost it in a move.)

Good choices for the letter F.
Vivian said…
Love your flower pictures!
Carol said…
Hey! Did you get a new camera? Fabulous photos! What a kitty!

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