The Ides of March Sky

Don't be getting used to these early morning shots because I will NOT be making a habit of them! A friend of mine was having a yard sale these past two days and I've been helping her out. This shot was taken during a donut run.

I left around 2:30pm because it was just getting too warm outside, and when I got home I saw the reason why.

While this is the hottest expected for the next week or so, it won't be getting much cooler so it looks as if Spring has definitely sprung here in the Central Florida area. This means I REALLY need to start working in the yard if I want to avoid those hot days that will be here sooner than later.

And for those who remembered that today is also the Ides of March, not only did Julius Caesar die on this day, but so did George McFly in Back to the Future II (click on the above link and scroll down to see this little piece of trivia).

Meanwhile, Lucy says:

Don't worry, Caesar, I've got your back.


stitcherw said…
Gorgeous sunrise. Hope the yard sale went well and made getting up that early rewarding. However, having donuts and knowing it was going to be a nice day would help. While no where near that warm here, at least it's been warm enough that a lot of our snow has melted. We still have the huge piles of snow left from where the snowplows pile it up when they do their work, but those take ages to melt so don't quite count.
Deborah said…

The sale yarn was mostly 2 seasons old yarn but still great buys. Lobster Pot, Rio de La Plata (lovely, lovely stuff), Andrienne Vittadini silk, Rowan cotton, Jo Sharp... the real sexy stuff - sock yarn, etc. was not included.

I'm ashamed at my haul. I won't be buying yarn for at least a year!
aksunflour said…
Yard sales.. way to early still up here for that. The sunrise is beautiful. Hopefully you won't be seeing to many of those soon.

Love the warm temps- ours is hovering around mid 30's.
Carol said…
You are getting up sooo early! It looks like the tree is holding the sun! Cool.
Nan said…
I am so far behind in reading my favorite blogs, just wanted to stop by and say "Hi" and tell you that you're one of 'em! I'll be catching up with you soon! I made a promise today was the day to contact my favorites and remind them about this weeks contest if they haven't already entered and read at least one post from each of the ones I contact! But... I'll be back!!! To catch up more very soon!!!
Nan said…
OOOh... Oooh... Oooh... [hand waving frantically back and forth in the air, bouncing up and down on my seat, kind of like Horshack [spelling?] on Welcome back Kotter [spelling again?] LOL!!

I think I found you, by reading a comment you left on Dee's blog who I found by reading a comment on Lisa's blog [Plain Jane Creations in Australia] who I found by surfing a web ring, Knitting Blogs Group Two!!!!] Wow, I'm surprised I remember that!!! LOL Now.... aren't you glad to know for sure? uh... kind of I think for sure? uh... I might be wrong, but that's how I remember it.
Vivian said…
The early morning shot is beautiful! I bet the donut is nice too :-) I like them slightly warm, just put in the microwave for 20 seconds and they are soft and tender, melt in your mouth.

For the snuggle, I cast on or pick up 24 stitches for each edge (48 all together), then decrease one stitch on each side of the marker on the right side. It goes very fast.
stitcherw said…
You've been quiet. Hope all is well and you're just busy and enjoying nice weather (it is currently snowing here, yuck!).

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