A Little Bit of Everything.

Last Monday I sent this off to A4A

and this to CIC.

Then Caesar decided that the shelter blanket was going to be his. (notice the needles still attached).

So I cast off and will keep it for him.

That winds down all of my charity knitting. Other than my white sweater, #1 Son's socks is the only knitting project I have going on. (this is the beginning of sock #2)

So I've been pulling out my stitching instead. Here are my hearts (before and after)

and my seasonal spring (before and after).

I also pulled out the fabric for the handprint quilt.

I picked up some Wonder Under and some other stuff to print pictures on fabric so I can start working on that.

I haven't been the only one getting projects done. The IO picked up some wood to make this for Baby Girl.

She has been in dire need of a bookcase. Between the books we've gotten her and the old ones that #1 Son doesn't read anymore, she has quite a stack. Now I have someplace to put them other than piling them on the floor.

Meanwhile, Hemi says....

Who needs a blanket when you have the sun.......


Anonymous said…
Caeser certainly deserves a blankie of his own --- poor old guy. He can't be expected to sleep on a hard wood floor even if there IS a spot of sun there.

Hemi just doesn't understand how it is when you get old.
SusieH said…
Caesar looks VERY comfortable, old man that he is :) The bookcase is lovely!! I love that golden tone of wood...
aksunflour said…
goodness you have been busy!
LOL I was looking in the pile of material to see if there were any that I had sent you.

You know now that you mention it... Athena doesn't really sleep in sunshine (maybe because none make it down into our rooms- oh well she does have a section of heated floor that she likes).
Carol said…
You're getting tons done! Hee hee, Caesar picked his own project.
knitseashore said…
You have been busy! I love that Caesar claimed a blanket for himself. My cats tried to do that too when I was knitting shelter blankets.
Anonymous said…
And here I've been enjoying the longer days so much. You need to not get up so early! LOL I let the breaking sun tell me when it's time to get up. I know, I'm lazy. haha

I see you have been busy. Very nice lady. You are so multi-talented. Wish I could say that. When it comes to quilting, forget it! LOL :)
stitcherw said…
Congrats on all the finishes, they look wonderful and it must be a great feeling to have so many completed. Ceaser looks so comfy, I'm sure he's loving having his special blanket to snuggle on. The bookcase is beautifully finished as well, her books will look so nice lined up in it. Nice progress on the stitching too, I especially like your new hearts one.

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