The Machine Was SMOKIN'!

Sometimes I think that when I organize my stuff, all I really do is move it around. The last time I cleaned out the office, I pulled out my craft table and put it in the living room. It's been there for longer than I care to say. It's been a holding ground of sewing projects; quilts, repairs, fabric to make cute outfits, and ironing. Since I'm getting close to my deadline of finishing (or STARTING) that quilt for Baby Girl's teacher, I decided to pull out the sewing machine and ironing board and tackle that mountain of fabric.

After I finished ironing some shirts and dresses, I started on the fun stuff. First, I found some fabric to use in #1 Son's room.

Out with the old

and in with the new.

with a matching pillow case.

A little patch on a plain shirt to jazz it up a bit.

Next, I finished month 2 for my BOM quilt.

I tried doing a blog search to see if anybody else had done this kit before (its called Countryside Cottage from JoAnn's) and I only found 2 references; one got a great deal on the kit on eBay, another said the pieces weren't cut correctly and she only had one block done from last year. Interesting. I was going to pull out Month 3, but it has 2 blocks in that one and I was running out of time.

Last, I FINALLY completed a cross stitch picture that I finished stitching last July.

It's even hanging in my laundry room!

I was able to tackle quite a bit, but there is still SO much left. Spring Break starts for us next week. I'll either get a LOT done or NOTHING done. Let's hope I get *something* done.


SusieH said…
You're a craftin' machine!!! Love the fishy print for #1 Son, and I think the quilt block is just lovely. I'd make a whole quilt with that one block, I think. If I made quilts!
aksunflour said…
You did all that this week! Wow. All that I have accomplished is going to work each day- yes that is an accomplishment... due to the fact I was mostly on time!

The quilt block and cross stitch wall hanging turned out great.

There is a quilt group over in Ravelry.. someone there might have done that quilt.
Jacki said…
Did you get that cross stitch pattern from my mom? I swear she has the same one in her laundry room.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your spring break!

Of course you'll get something done. You'll have a great time with the kiddos!
Vivian said…
Sometimes I wish I know how to sew! The matching curtain and pillowcase look great.

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