Saturday Sky

The weather has been all over the map this past week, but thankfully it has settled down and we've got this today.

Much better than a few days ago when we went from 80+ down to the 50s and dropping, but it allowed us to do this.

It might be one of the last of the season, so we made sure to really enjoy it. When we bought this house, people thought we were a bit crazy to put in a fireplace instead of a pool, but every winter we are thrilled we did it.

And what have I been working on? Well I just finished the last of the vests for CIC.

Again I just used up some wool I had, adding in some red fingering yarn to the black around the chest area to add a bit of color(which you almost can't see in this picture). It will go in the pile for CIC. There is another vest pattern I want to try, but I'm going to move on from vests for the time being. I really want to cast on for #1 Son's last sock so that his pair will finally be done.

Thursday I got to meet up with Dee and Vicky at Needle Orts for some stitching. I planned on working on my Seasonal Spring, but lately I have really been losing my mind and while I brought the chart and fabric, I left the floss at home. Would I pull out Maggie or would I start something new??

New won out.

This is the beginning of a Lizzie Kate called You Have Stolen My Heart. It's not real big and I plan on framing it with a cute picture of the rugrats.

Since I got there first (I'm usually the last to arrive), I was able to browse the shop instead of glancing around while gabbing with everybody. I found another Lizzie Kate to do for #1 Son's teacher.

I've been debating on how to do it; pillow? huck towel?? But today I realized that I'm going to frame it as a card. It will be something that she can save plus it will be a great way to give her an end of the year gift card. And if I don't get that quilt done in time (which I STILL plan on doing), I can always stitch it twice and give it to Baby Girl's teacher as well.

Vicky also brought along a big bag of cross stitch charts to go thru, and Dee brought me a magazine and some yummy yarn!

Needless to say I had a great time! Even if I was VERY buzzed from caffeine and lack of sleep. I can't tell you how many times I was in the middle of a conversation and forgot words or complete trains of thought. I FINALLY got a good night's sleep last night and feel somewhat normal (whatever THAT is) today.

Humans always underestimate the power of a good nap.


Sounds like a nice few days - and the temp... aw, wow. I can't wait for that.
KSee said…
Love the new yarn. Makeing the cross stitch for teacher as a card sound like a good idea.
Criquette said…
Your kitty has the right idea! and when we lived in New Orleans, we bought a house with a fireplace and we not only loved it, but used it more than we use it here on the prairie!

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