Saturday Sky

Has it REALLY been a week since I last posted?!!? WOW! I knew it was a busy week, but didn't realize HOW busy!! Nothing out of the ordinary, but I didn't get to work on much so there were no progress pictures; I met with my stitching group on Thursday so no time to post Kitty Thursday pics; and the kids were home yesterday so no time for ANYTHING! I also think the yard sale from last week wore me out more than I expected because I didn't do much of anything on Monday which set me back on getting things done.

Anyway, enough bemoaning abt that! Let's get to some pictures! First up, the local sky and temp.

It's the kind of day where it's really hard to wake up. Or the kind of day you just want to sit around watching movies. I plan on doing just that.

I haven't been working on much this week. I'm still plugging away on #1 Son's socks, and I have YET to finish that cuff! I've never had a sock take so long and will be VERY happy when this is finished. My goal is to have it done by the 31st. However I did get to work on my cross stitch on Thursday when I met my stitching group.

I am SO close to finishing this!!! All that is left are the little bits to fill in the hearts and the saying You Have Stolen My Heart in the middle. This wknd will be too busy to finish it, but once we get back to our routine on Monday I'm hoping to take some time and just finish it off.

Thursday was a LOT of fun. I got a good portion of my project done; got to chat with some good friends; had some GREAT chicken salad for lunch and even got an extension on lunch since the IO picked up the Rugrats from school so no rushing to get there in time. The only downside??? Dee almost gave me a heart attack. She decided to work on her sock instead of stitching. Well apparently as she was knitting and we were talking, she made a mistake. As I lean over to see what she did, without any warning, she just ripped the needles out and started to unravel! OMG!!!!! LIVE STITCHES on the loose!!!! She literally gave me goose bumps. If there was some kind of warning like a comment or even a grunt, I would have been prepared for the carnage. But to just rip out w/o any warning took a toll on this girl.

Dee, all I ask is for a little heads up next time.........


SusieH said…
The hearts, they are mighty cute!! Three cheers for a long lunch session - that's awesome.
stitcherw said…
The hearts are looking so cute, and you're so close to being done. You'll have a happy dance on those soon.

Hmmm cloudy and 70 vs. snowy and 30, I want your weather. :)

Hope your sock starts going easier. Glad you had fun with your stitching group, and I hope Dee's sock goes better as well. That would be a shock to all of a sudden start seeing her sock go into full speed reverse as she's pulling it out. Does not sound a good sock week for either of you.
Hi, Lynn! Checking in and wanted you to know that I am still out here... sorry for not commenting, I've been a bit out of sorts.
Anonymous said…
Okey dokey ... next time I'll give a little warning (like maybe an oh cr*p! or I'm giving up knitting forever!!!!)

Your cross stitch project has gorgeous colors. I know the teacher is going to love it.
Jane said…
Your cross stitch piece is very sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish product. It was clear, sunny and 72 here today.
Jacki said…
Yeah, Dee, that was pretty traumatic. But Thursday WAS fun!
aksunflour said…
Oh I can just imagined the scene of frogged stitches.

You have made a lot of progress on the cross stitch.

75 degree F is so enviable. We were in the 30's again.

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