Sunday Updates

Again it is Sunday and no sky has been posted. So to make up for it, I will post two skies.

Here is my Saturday sky.

but I like my Friday night sky better.

I looked outside and saw these pink clouds from the setting sun. They looked like wisps of cotton candy and when I went outside to take a picture of them, I saw the sun setting and took that instead.

It's been an interesting couple of days. The rugrats each had field day activities, Baby Girl on Thursday, #1 Son on Friday.

Saturday. Well let's just say some old poop that's been gathering over the years hit the fan. In between all the flying poop I finished this.

It's a Lizzie*Kate Snippet Design using WDW threads, DMC floss and some 28ct linen from the stash. It took me exactly one month to complete. I plan on framing it with a cute picture of the rugrats. I even have the picture in mind. However considering how long it took me to finish off the laundry one and how another one is still waiting for the right size frame, who knows when this will actually get displayed....

I sequestered myself in the bedroom and worked on it while I watched Hairspray, the version with Christopher Walken (he is ONE strange dude) and John Travolta. While I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I expected, I totally enjoyed John Travolta!!!! OMG he played a woman SO well! Until he sang. Then some of the notes came out like

Danny Zuko.

The IO saw bits and pieces of it and thought it was funny how he's come a long way from

Oh please! I still remember him as a Sweathog!!!

I wonder what Kotter and the rest of the sweathogs would think abt this new look.....


What a beautiful sky pic on Friday! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for some of those skies myself!
aksunflour said…
What a wonderful sunset... hope things are all right down there w/your family.
Carol said…
The sky is beautiful up there! And I can't believe you got all those JT pics together! Don't forget Pulp Fiction! That erased all his earlier dork days! Your cross stitch is beautiful! :)
Life's a Stitch said…
CW bugs me, too.

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