Thursday Kitties on a Friday

Are these REAL fish?!?!

That human won't find me back here!


NOW I'm hidden!

What's this?!?

Does it move?


Can't I get ANY private time?!?

You see this as a compromise, I see this as a win.

Fine, let her have her *alone time*. I'll hang with Tiger.

I'm so loved......


KSee said…
How cute. I'm sitting her trying to organize my goggle reader and this pops up. They are little people in furry coats.
Carol said…
And which cat was taking the pictures? ;-) Love the new curtains and dryer love! You're getting really good stuff done!
stitcherw said…
Loved the kitty pictures, they are so cute. Mine love to hide under sheets too, especially when they are warm from the dryer. It is so funny when another one comes in and sees the sheet move, the chase is on. :)

You got a nice amount of finishing done in your earlier post. The new curtains look great, bright and cheery. I love the way you finished the xstitch piece as well. How fun to hang it in the laundry room by clothes pins.
Nan said…
The captions you picked for these pictures really fit the kitties well! So cute, but I am a sucker for kitties!!!

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