Thursday Kitties Princess style

Here you go!

No really, you'll like it!

Hold still.....


That was NOT the pink crown I was referring to.....


aksunflour said…
Little girls and their kitties are same all over.

Loved the commentary.
stitcherw said…
My you've been busy lately too. Finishing vests, socks, starting new stitching projects (I love LK stuff, very cute), and going to a stitching get together with your friends too. No wonder you're tired. Love your new stitch marker, Dee did a beautiful job. And how great on the needle replacement. That was wonderful of them to send so many cord replacements just in case. You don't see that level of customer service very often anymore. Cute pictures too (I love your kitty Thursdays), they look like they were having fun.
Anonymous said…
Gee, maybe you could do a weekly column for the Sunday paper??? Your cats certainly give you inspiration. :)

Love your "baby soxs" and have been doing some myself. Hubby is fascinated by them.........haha


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