Time Travel

Does anybody else have a tough time with the changing of the clocks?? I REALLY hate it. Apparently it saves energy and money and blah blah blah, but personally I wish they would choose a time and LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

The few times I've flown to the west coast I've had a hard time adjusting to the time difference. Even after 2 weeks I feel off, but as soon as we fly home, I adjust back in no time and feel *normal* again.

One time, back in the 90s, there was a day where I felt *off*. Couldn't explain it, but my timing was just off. Everything I did was off. My boss even teased me abt it. I told him that I felt like I do when we have to change the clocks for DST. The next day I was back to normal again, but he showed me an article in the paper that said the world clocks had to be adjusted by a second, an occurance that happens every once in awhile. He remembered my comment abt the time change and said I was weirder than he thought.

He had NO idea.

So I'm just hanging out today trying to stay awake and catching up on my blog reading. One of the blogs I visit is NH Knitting Mama. She's having a PMS contest that ends tonight just before midnight. Go check her out.

I'm going to end this post now before it becomes the lamest post ever (though I may be too late). Just blame it on the DST.

So what's your excuse for the previous ones?!!?!


SusieH said…
Now THAT is being attuned to the clock of life, woman. Wow!!!
That is an interesting story about how you felt off.

Your name is in the hat for the contest. Thanks for the link!
Diane said…
Yup I hate resetting clocks. The one in my old car was complicated. The new car has an old fashion clock that took 5 seconds to reset.
aksunflour said…
Our clocks are still flashing! (I rearranged our room on Saturday) The clock in my car says what time it is at my sis's. But the hardest thing was figuring out which electronic gadget reset itself. Ended up going to the online official time website.

But other than that we are doing ok w/the time change.

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