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Sock Infusion

That little charity sock was just the thing to get me going on socks again. I finished the second one last Sunday.

I used my Super Quick Baby Socks pattern (which I need to link on the side) with some of my charity wool.

I then started a pair of socks for me. I'm making little ankle socks out of Maizy yarn. I'm interested in seeing how they wear and wash up during summer use.

And finally I will be casting on for another pair of baby socks, this time for a shower gift in a week and a half. I will be adding in an outfit plus some of the flannel receiving blankets. A nice gift that won't break the bank.

You are so lucky that I'm half asleep or these socks would be toast!

Never on a Saturday

Apparently I can never get on line on Saturdays anymore and I'm debating on just taking a Sunday sky instead. Either way, here is my Saturday (or wknd) sky.

I've been doing a lot of stress knitting lately (nothing big time, but I think I really need a vacation) and here is some of what I've done.

During ballet last week, I grabbed some yarn and cast on for this charity sock. Not sure who will end up with it, but it will go in the charity bag once the second one is complete.

I'll probably start the second one during the next ballet class. I need to start another pair of socks because with the summer performance coming up, we'll be having extra practice sessions. The performance is in 3 weeks, and, oh yeah, they have yet to get their costumes.

Here is Baby Girl's tank dress.

I just finished one skein and started the 2nd one. I noticed that the pinks looked different so I checked the dye lots. Yep, they are different. I checked the rest of them and they are AL…

Stimulating the Economy

After being rescheduled by the dr's office twice, I finally made it to my Dr. in Altamonte Springs. Got there early so I was in and out quickly. Which means I had time to stop off at Sip N Knit. With gas prices what they are, it was the perfect excuse to stop in and see what was new (since I was out there and all).

First I checked out their new sock yarns. These decided to go home with me.

I got some Wildfoote in red to add to some black socks the IO wants me to make for him; the dark multi is Araucania in Rancho and the other is Jitterbug. All sock yarns. (big surprise there!)

I checked out the play pen in the back (where she keeps the 40% off yarns) and removed a few from there.

I got 3 skeins of Atacama to make one of my bils a scarf (not sure which one since I have 5 of them!). I was really surprised to see it 40% off since there was some similar to it hanging on the shelf. Doni said that it was an old colorway so she was clearancing it out to make room for the new. Works …

*Helpful* Thursday Kitties

Here let me help you unravel that!

No really I want to help!

Ok, I'll help warm it up instead!

Wow what a great bag! Smells like sheep.

Wait, is that one now?!!?

Note to my human friends: Don't expect to get alot done when trying to wind yarn around *helpful* cats!

What yarn? I was waiting for the laundry!!!

H is for

When I was waiting for my hand to heal, I didn't want to work on something that might have to be ripped out. So I pulled out some bulky charity wool and knit up 2 hats. This is one of them. I plan on dyeing them with Kool Aid and will post the finish products then.



As in Cherry Tree. I am feeling sock knitting withdrawl so I'm going to cast on for these shortly.

Stitching Update and Epcot

For those of you that like to look at projects and move on, I will post my updated cross stitch first. I met up with my stitching group last Thursday and made some progress on Seasonal Spring.



I'm almost done with the window frame so I can start to move on to other colors instead of brown. That is the one drawback of doing a seasonal window scene, while the outside changes, you still have to stitch that window!

Knitting updates, well there really arent any. I can't find the bathroom rug I started, I haven't worked on my sweater since the last post, and Baby Girl's tank dress is progressing, but there isn't much to show. I just finished the ruffle which means I'm at 210 stitches. I'll probably post a picture by the end of the week.

So for now, that's it. If you don't want to see pictures of Epcot, feel free to move along to the next blog.

For those that stayed, Welcome to....

Two rugrats patiently waiting for our tickets

For those that d…

Saturday Sky on a Sunday Evening

After a whirlwind of shopping, eating out and playing board games with my sisters, I'm actually looking forward to Monday! The quiet hum of the dryer while I catch up on blog reading sounds pretty good to me!

While I didn't have time to post on Saturday, I did take the time to take my sky and temps.

I was happy to be in the mall by the afternoon because it was getting warm!

Which is a good thing when you are trying to grow food! Here is our little seedling nursery on 4/14.

Here it is on 4/15.

Notice the beans??

They are growing like crazy!!! Apparently one of the cats noticed it too because not 10 min later, that big one was bitten off!!! The IO moved the nursery into the garage. He also decided to pick up a few veggie plants that have grown a bit to the point of producing food a bit sooner.

Case in point, our squash.

That little bud starting will one day be a side dish.

And the beans?? Look at them now!! These are the same guys that were started from seed not even a week ago!

I have to…

Thursday Kitties

What is that?

Ah, an attempt to be entertained by a servant.

I'll play along.

Wait, is this itchy acrylic???

A princess deserves natural fibers.
Like cashmere.