Answer: 504

Question: How many stitches does it take to cast on for a tank dress?

Yes that would be 504 stitches on those needles. I won't tell you how long it took me to cast on all those stitches. Quite honestly, I don't really know, but I went thru a LOT of TV, and dinner. I took a break and then decided to do a row. That took abt an hour. Thank goodness starting on row 5 I can start decreasing. This is what it will look like when done.

It's from the Knitter's Magazine summer 2007. There is another sweater in there that I plan on making for Delaney, but it's summer** and time for tanks and dresses instead of sweaters. The only drawback to this dress? I'm using the Bernat's Cotton Tots cotton that I used for Delaney's sweater. The stuff that pilled like crazy?? But Baby Girl loves the color and the feel of it, and since it will be for playing, I can deal with the pilling.

It's amazing how looking thru your yarn can actually get your creative juices flowing and suddenly you have TOO many projects you want to do! I haven't done anymore cataloging of my yarn, and I still have the 5 bags that are on the floor in the craft room that will be done (eventually). I did try utilizing Ravelry's stash folder, but quite honestly, I think I'd prefer a spreadsheet that I can sort anyway I want. I do like the fact that I can search different yarns and see what other people have made with the same stuff. I have lots of little bits here and there and looking thru the files of what other people did helps give me ideas of what I can do.

Not only did I cast on for the above dress, I also cast on for a bath mat.

I doubled the yarn (Peaches and Cream) to make it a bit squishier and its feels SO nice. I'll need to get some rug stuff to keep the mat from slipping while being used, but I'm getting sick of the rugs I have in the bathroom now. They get washed a lot and the rubber backing is starting to disintegrate. We'll see when I'm done. If it doesn't work, it can be a kitty bed.

And since I worked on my sweater as well, here is an updated shot of it.

Not much to show really, but I'm more than half way to the arm holes. I have 5.5" to go. That gives me incentive to knit on this as well.

Since everything is straight knitting and HUGE, I may need to cast on for a pair of socks. I'm thinking of pulling out the Maizy yarn and making some ankle socks. Not sure yet since there are a lot of sock yarns calling out to me, but those would get used first.

**Ok I know LOTS of you want to shoot me for saying "summer" since you are still covered in snow, but our summers start early in Florida. We need to enjoy the heat before it turns into the-center-of-the-sun inferno.


aksunflour said…
LOL! the-center-of-the-sun inferno.

The dress looks adorable! To bad knitting takes so much longer than sewing. So many ideas and not enough time to do them....

Good to see you using the stash folder in Ravelry. After checking mine- I realized that I did have 2 skeins of white in my stash.
Vivian said…
The dress is going to look so pretty, and the knitting will get less and less each round :-)

Did you know that you can download your stash on Ravelry into and Excel spreadsheet? just click on Stash, then it's the Excel icon next to "add new yarn".
stitcherw said…
That is going to be an adorable jumper, but wow, what a lot of stitches. I'll bet it did seem to take forever to cast on, and then to just stitch one row. The blues for the mat are so pretty, I'll be it will feel great when it is done.

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