Cat vs Dog vs Human

After I posted yesterday's blog, I went outside to check on a barking dog. Turns out another BIG dog was harassing Caesar. Being the type of pet owner that doesn't think abt the consequences, I jump right in to get Caesar. He's so freaked out from the dog, he bit me.


I spent the day at the vet, then the dr, then the hospital. The results?

The dog was a stray and has disappeared.

I am on three different kinds of meds with a hand so swollen that it has taken me a long time to type this. Plus I can't knit or stitch.

Caesar? He fared the worst. He broke his hip during the fight and had to be put down.

Needless to say, it has been a hard couple of days.

Hey, what's with all the tears? I went out like I planned. With my boots on. Plus I held my own with that big bully. Not bad for an 18 y/o.


Steve Ballmer said…
I love your pictures, good blog!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry that you lost your Cesar. He was a scrapper for sure.

Who bit you, the dog or Cesar? Hope your hand heals up okay.
DianeS said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your hard days! How awful to lose both a beloved family member and your ability to knit at the same time. I'm looking at having to decide if our beloved 18-year-old Cranky Old Lady cat has reached the end of her life this weekend, so your experience especially touches me. Would Wilma were in such good shape that she could have fought off a dog!
Oh, Lynn. I'm sorry about losing your friend. Hope your hand heals quickly.
aksunflour said…
That is horrible! I am so sorry for your families loss.

Don't suppose that you are doing dishes either any time soon. Cat bites are nasty!

If you are reading blogs- don't worry about commenting. We all understand.

will be updating mine tomorrow.
Anne said…
Aww.. I'm so very sorry :( How terrible to go through all that and lose your baby too - at least it seems from your post he went down in his style!
KSee said…
Lynn, I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of your hand and keep us posted.
Jacki said…
oh I am so sorry!! Losing a pet is always hard.
stitcherw said…
Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Caesar. How awful for that to have happened. I tried to pick up a cat I used to have quite a number of years ago when he was having a disagreement with a stray cat, and they were even on different sides of a window at the time. He was so disoriented that he bit me, and I ended up with meds and stitches as well. I hope your hand heals up soon, it sounds really painful. I'm so sorry that Caesar was injured and had to be put to sleep. Even though older, he seemed to be doing so well. For it to be so totally unexpected, and for such an unnecessary reason, would make it so much harder. {{hugs}}
Jane said…
Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry about your loss. But it's good to see your hand is getting better. And what a treat to see your little one knitting! Watch your stash.
Carol said…
OMG Lynn, I'm so very sorry. I missed so much the last week. Caesar certainly has his dignity. Big hugs.

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