H is for

When I was waiting for my hand to heal, I didn't want to work on something that might have to be ripped out. So I pulled out some bulky charity wool and knit up 2 hats. This is one of them. I plan on dyeing them with Kool Aid and will post the finish products then.



As in Cherry Tree. I am feeling sock knitting withdrawl so I'm going to cast on for these shortly.


aksunflour said…
The flower is beautiful.

Good job on the hat.s
KSee said…
Cute picture of Baby Girl in the hat. Dying after knitting it. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hemi is doing what kitties do best.
Deborah said…
I knew you and I were twisted sisters... You were the only one who picked up on my Nixon tape joke! Actually, I do have the published tapes, I'm a frustrated historian I guess.

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