*Helpful* Thursday Kitties

Here let me help you unravel that!

No really I want to help!

Ok, I'll help warm it up instead!

Wow what a great bag! Smells like sheep.

Wait, is that one now?!!?

Note to my human friends: Don't expect to get alot done when trying to wind yarn around *helpful* cats!

What yarn? I was waiting for the laundry!!!


aksunflour said…
the kitty "helping" wind the yarn was funny!

What is it about empty laundry baskets that the cats have to jump in them?

Looking forward to your Saturday's sky... it is snowing again!
KSee said…
too cute.
Anonymous said…
Always fun to see what the kitties are up to. :)
stitcherw said…
Wonderful "helpful" kitty pictures. My favorite was upside down and wrapped around the chair leg, they are so funny when they get goofy like that.

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