Never on a Saturday

Apparently I can never get on line on Saturdays anymore and I'm debating on just taking a Sunday sky instead. Either way, here is my Saturday (or wknd) sky.

I've been doing a lot of stress knitting lately (nothing big time, but I think I really need a vacation) and here is some of what I've done.

During ballet last week, I grabbed some yarn and cast on for this charity sock. Not sure who will end up with it, but it will go in the charity bag once the second one is complete.

I'll probably start the second one during the next ballet class. I need to start another pair of socks because with the summer performance coming up, we'll be having extra practice sessions. The performance is in 3 weeks, and, oh yeah, they have yet to get their costumes.

Here is Baby Girl's tank dress.

I just finished one skein and started the 2nd one. I noticed that the pinks looked different so I checked the dye lots. Yep, they are different. I checked the rest of them and they are ALL different. This is what happens when you buy on clearance. I'm continuing on, it will add a subtle striping to the dress that I think will look ok. Not sure how many stitches there are on the needles at this point, but one thing I do like, it is giving it a very flowy feel that will be nice when Baby Girl does her twirls.

I plan on working on this dress alot today in between laundry loads. I want to get a jump start on my week so that I will have some extra time to work on that quilt for Baby Girl's teacher. I would LOVE for it to be finished in time for Teacher Appreciation week, but a more realistic goal would be for the end of the year. Either way, both are approaching quicker than I like.....


aksunflour said…
Yes the school year is winding down. Princess only has finals next week. Then our kids get out in 4 weeks! Yikes!

thank you for the green trees and warm temp pic.
Anonymous said…
I bet if you alternate between the different dye lots, it will look deliberate and meant to be, or maybe every so many rows switch yarns so it has a faint stripped look? Whatever, I'm sure baby girl is going to love it. :)

Now to see if I can figure out Blogger's word verification. The last two posts I had to do them each at least 3 or more times. The stupid letters are so twisted I can't begin to figure them out. It's more guess work than copying......GAH!! :) :)
Life's a Stitch said…
Don't feel badly. My most recent sky picture is a year old!
Brigitte said…
Um, you quilt too?! My sister quilts, and I'm just so fascinated by the process.

*sigh* I knew I was forgetting something yesterday when I uploaded my post a picture of my Mork socks! Next one...

Great sky picture!
stitcherw said…
Her tank dress is looking great. I can't imagine trying to knit on needles with that many stitches. It sounds like even though the pinks are different dye lots it will work out well, the subtle shading it will give it I think will add a nice touch. I'll bet she's hopping up and down telling you to hurry up and finish it so she can wear it.
Diaper Queen said…
I wandered onto your site by hitting "next blog" at the top. I am new to blogging. My mom convinced me to try it as a creative outlet since I am home with a new baby right now and usually spend my days teaching 7th graders. Anyway, I was just curious about how to put ads on my blog site. How did you find the shops and sites to put on your site or did they find you? How does that work? Thanks! P.S. If you want a quick laugh about being a mom, please come to my blog site. :)

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