Saturday Sky on a Sunday Evening

After a whirlwind of shopping, eating out and playing board games with my sisters, I'm actually looking forward to Monday! The quiet hum of the dryer while I catch up on blog reading sounds pretty good to me!

While I didn't have time to post on Saturday, I did take the time to take my sky and temps.

I was happy to be in the mall by the afternoon because it was getting warm!

Which is a good thing when you are trying to grow food! Here is our little seedling nursery on 4/14.

Here it is on 4/15.

Notice the beans??

They are growing like crazy!!! Apparently one of the cats noticed it too because not 10 min later, that big one was bitten off!!! The IO moved the nursery into the garage. He also decided to pick up a few veggie plants that have grown a bit to the point of producing food a bit sooner.

Case in point, our squash.

That little bud starting will one day be a side dish.

And the beans?? Look at them now!! These are the same guys that were started from seed not even a week ago!

I have to say, I am always in awe of watching food grow in the garden to my plate. All of the food I ate when I was growing up came from the grocery store, NOT my backyard. Since I didn't do so well with my tomato plant from last year, I plan on staying away from the garden unless it's to admire the abilities of the IO. Meanwhile, Baby Girl and #1 Son are having a great time watering and watching the plants grow.

What, no catnip?!?


aksunflour said…
Have you ever deep fried or even eaten your squash flowers? They are extremely tasty!

The kids watering will last until the first 2 weeks of weeding are needed.

My garden is still under a couple of feet of snow. Today was 50 F though so not much longer.
Anonymous said…
I wish I could have a garden. As it is I have to make do with two pots of hot peppers. :-(

We don't have a good spot for a garden at this house. You can BET it will be a priority for the next one.

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