Saturday Sky

First off, thank you all so much for the well wishes. Normally I would respond to you individually, but with the speed I'm typing at right now, it would take all day!!! Just know that I appreciate each and every one of your kind thoughts. My hand is better today. It's still swollen but I can move my thumb and last three fingers. Its my index finger that is not up to speed yet. I couldnt knit at ALL yesterday and it really made me nuts. Knitting is such a soothing thing for me to do,its hard not to be able to do it right now. However, I had to fix something that Baby Girl is working on so I discovered that I CAN knit, just using another finger.

And yes you did read that right, Baby Girl is KNITTING!

She has been dying to learn for a LONG time now. A couple of months ago we were at the LYS and the owner gave her some needles and some sparkly pink yarn and had her knit. Well I didn't think she was ready, but I figured we'd try. I was right. She got very upset because the yarn and the needles were too slippery (who gives a child size 4 metal needles to learn on?!?!).

Over spring break she started asking again and I kept saying I wanted her to wait until she was a bit older. #1 Son said HE would teach her (he already knows how, just doesn't really do it). Well I don't have to tell you how THAT worked out. So I pulled out some plastic size 9 needles and some pastel acrylic yarn and it worked! She is loving it and is keeping at it. She'll do a row or two at a time and then put it away. There are holes from y/os and almost 20 stitches when we started with 10. Plus I think she added in a short row (or 2) in there because its not real straight, but I have to say I'm really impressed. My mom waited until I was nine to teach me because she didn't want to frustrate me. I was planning on doing the same, but I should have known that Baby Girl would do it sooner. She is a very determined little girl and once she sets her mind to it, it's very hard to change her mind.

God help me when she is 12.

And here is my Saturday Sky

It's absolutely beautiful outside, a perfect beach day. We have a cold front coming thru tonight which means next week will be highs of only in the 70s. I'm thrilled with that. One night we expect a low in the 40s which means I get to wear my wool socks again.

I've pulled out some cross stitch and I'm slowly working on that. Maybe later on I'll put out one of my smaller projects. While I am able to knit, I can't hold anything heavy in my hand.

Have a great wknd everybody!


Glad to hear that you are getting better slow but sure. Your little girl looks so cute with her needles!
aksunflour said…
Now you have come to your fourth
year Your work you will begin- That is learning the three arts:
To read, to knit, to spin. -Icelandic nursery rhyme
So Baby Girl isn't to young...

Just remove the green trees and you have our sky. Also we were at least 55 degrees colder.

So glad that you are doing better.
stitcherw said…
Glad that your hand is doing a bit better. It seems to take forever for things like that to heal, as it is so hard not to use your hand and let it rest and heal. Congrats on gaining a new knitting buddy, she looks very cute concentrating on her knitting in the picture. It sounds like you found a much better combination of needles and yarn for her to learn on. I can't believe you are having such lovely weather, we had snow flurries last night and again this morning. Not much, but a dusting here and there did stick, yuck!.
Carol said…
Nice to hear your girl is picking up her sticks! There goes your stash ;-)
KSee said…
healing can be slow but it is good to hear that you are OK.
Baby Girl knitting is a good thing.
Anonymous said…
I was about 6-7 when I learned to knit. I probably would have thought Baby Girl was a bit young too, but some learn to concentrate sooner. Obviously she has a good attention span if she's staying with it. A good thing.

When my daughter interfered with a cat fight (and kept it secret from Mommy) I learned about it after her hand was as big as a baseball catcher's mitt. She ended up in the hospital for a 5 days to get rid of the infection. And they say a human bite is worse. I'm glad you are healing well. :)

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