Spring Break

Spring Break may be time off for the kids, but it's NO break for the Mom! I have been going non stop since last Wednesday. Field days, flying poop, that was just the beginning.

We had bowling

(Baby Girl was the only one who could wear pink)

and play dates

(this is a bit blurry since it was taken by Baby Girl, but I was one proud mama when the other boys started to wrestle in McDonald's and #1 Son didn't join in!)

and soapy experiments.

And it's only Wednesday.

This could explain why I almost passed out at the doctor's office today when they were slicing and dicing some moles off. They got worried when my pulse dropped to 59. Later I told them it was just a ploy to feed me donuts. What did they expect when I was leaving with 3 different bandages, one of them covering 3 stitches?!?!

We have something planned for tomorrow and one more dr appt set for me on Monday (did NOT realize all this would occur during Spring Break when I scheduled them), but this one is close to a not-so-LYS which means I will reward myself after all of these so called Medicine Men are thru invading my body. The other good news? My cholesterol is 172.

Pass me some bacon!


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the moles. 3 stitches, eh??? Must have been a big mole! But, congrats on the cholesterol. That's excellent!

So, which stitching store do you get to hit tomorrow? I want to know ALL about what you buy!
aksunflour said…
Wow- you know your cholesterol number! I have never had mine done.

It is painful to have moles removed. Hopefully after analyzing them- you are fine. (did you know that the moles will grow back? mine did but it is way smaller and less brown).

Spring break... hope that you get some down time for yourself.

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